Hilary Duff's 3rd Baby's Name and Gender Revealed

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Not a few couples in quarantine began to welcome a bundle of joy starting from the holidays. Celebrity couples are no different. Now, Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma's family is now a family of five.

The couple announced the pregnancy in October-the same month their second child, 2-year-old Banks, was born. Duff shares her firstborn 9-year-old Luca with ex-husband Mike Comrie.

Hilary Duff Gives Birth to Third Child

March 24, 2021, marks the day Hilary Duff became a mom of three, Today reported. The celebrity mom took to Instagram to announce the birth of her third child. The mom-of-three opted for a home birth setup, in particular, water birth. The entire family was present. Her husband and children were all there to witness the birth.

Hilary Duff's newborn is her second child with her husband, Matthew Koma. The "Cheaper by the Dozen" actress previously shared a cryptic post of her daughter Banks "marinating on how [she] feels about being a big sister."

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Hilary Duff Third Pregnancy was Fun and Easier

During the pregnancy, Koma posted on Instagram announcing that they are now located in "Pregnantville." The musician and songwriter wrote in the captions how quarantine had been fun for the couple. Meanwhile, Duff announced her pregnancy with a short clip of Koma rubbing her belly. She captioned the post, "we are growing, mostly me."

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Elle reported the "Lizzie McGuire" star previously opened up about how her third pregnancy feels easier than her previous pregnancies. The actress shared how there was a lot of fear bringing a newborn home when her firstborn Luca was just 6-and-a-half years old.

However, Duff revealed she was more than tired of being pregnant and a mom of a toddler. The actress kept busy with kids and work that she reportedly had less time to focus solely on her third pregnancy. But all such business was a welcome distraction for the mom who experienced less anxiety with her third pregnancy, no longer going on Google for everything pregnancy and baby-related and obsessing over pregnancy.

Waiting Before Birth for the Gender Reveal

The "Sparks" singer kept her fans updated with her growing bump and even asked fans to guess the sex of her third baby via an Instagram poll last January. She recalled how the gender reveals with her daughter Banks was a fun memory but decided to keep the third child's gender a surprise.

"It was inappropriate to create such excitement during these times," Duff said who opted to wait to find out her third child's gender at birth.

Duff's firstborn Luca reportedly hoped for a baby brother with whom he can share his toys with. During the waiting game for the gender reveal, the actress said some loved ones were annoyed that they would keep the baby's gender a secret. She shares that her son Luca falls under the "annoyed" category.

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Hilary Duff Third Baby Name and Gender Reveal

"We love your beauty," gushed the new mom as she announced the birth of her third child, a baby girl. She previously named her first daughter Banks Violet Bair. For her second daughter, she opted for the name Mae James Blair, Pop Sugar reported. She further revealed some tidbits about the newborn on her IG stories, such as a photo of the baby's toes and the newborn's sweet nickname, "Mae Mae."

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