Generations of Moms: From TikTok to Facebook, All the Way Back to Mixtapes

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There is such a thing as TikTok moms, Facebook moms, and Mixtape moms in this digital age. Through a new poll, research showed these TikTok moms' shopping habits, Facebook moms, and Mixtape moms

Being a mom can be the most rewarding job globally, but it can also be the most exhausting. Between parenting and working full-time, it is not surprising that moms are feeling burnt out.  Recently, online retailer Zullily made a study with 500 mothers in the U.S. They found out that stress is affecting their sleep as well. 

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TikTok Moms

TikTok Moms are those moms between the ages of 25 to 34. They are also traditionally defined as those on TikTok, and they are the ultimate nighttime multitaskers. TikTok moms are 25% more likely to shop for themselves at night than Mixtape moms. They have even reported the highest rate of shopping for their baby at night. 

Also, over 63% of TikTok moms have reported multitasking while pumping or feeding, watching a movie or TV show, shopping, searching for answers to their baby's questions, checking work email, or sharing mom memes online. 

Another interesting to note is that TikTok moms desire convenience, where 38% of them were more likely to invest in big-ticket items such as luxury strollers or hands-free breast pumps to lighten their parenting workload. 

Facebook Moms

Facebook moms are moms between the ages of 35 to 44. On the other hand, its traditional definition is not flattering. Urban Dictionary defines Facebook Moms as those mothers who do not do shit for their kids but will post on their kids' Facebook wall like she is the parent of the year. 

But in the Zulily definition, Facebook moms are defined as much more excellent. In their study, Facebook moms in their research were the most sleepless. 

Although 70% of all moms surveyed said that they are waking up at least once each night, Facebook moms reported the highest restlessness rate at 72%. The study showed that self-care is at the top of Facebook moms' wishlist. 

One-third of Facebook moms surveyed said they wish they had purchased more self-care items when they became new moms. 

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Mixtape Moms

Mixtape Moms are those moms between the ages of 45 to 54. There is no traditional definition for these moms, but looking at the age makes total sense. 

Mixtape moms are seasoned pros. Of all the categories, Mixtape moms have the fewest parenting worries, and they sleep better than other younger moms. Only 52% of them are waking up due to stress or childcare. 

The survey showed that they were least likely to turn to search engines to get their baby questions answered in the middle of the night, half of TikTok moms. 

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