Safety Guidelines To Remember For Summer Camps Open This 2021

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Summer camps and other camps are now allowed to operate as long as they follow all the safety guidelines such as social distancing and other protocols. 

Now that more Americans are getting vaccinated every month, the United States started to convene youth camps. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention released their safety guideline, suggesting people who have undergone vaccination can already enjoy and have fun after taking their shots. 

Though children are not yet eligible for vaccination, the American Academy for Pediatrics released their recommendation that kids can now enjoy summer camps this 2021. AAP also said that it would be safe for children as long safety guidelines are being followed. 

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In support of this activity, the CDC released their suggested safety guidelines administrators can follow in handling summer camps. These safety guidelines should be followed to protect the campers, administrators, staff, and community. 

Camp administrators can collaborate with local health officials or state officials to know where they can adjust to the guidelines depending on the needs and requirements based on their activities. 

But the CDC clarifies that the safety guidelines intended for summer camps are not to replace the protocols mandated by the state, local or tribal but are only to supplement. 

So for parents out there, we know your kids have wanted to go and have fun outside, but you might want to check and consider first their safety and secure the guidelines appropriate for them. 

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Summer Camp Safety Guideline Parents Must Know

  • Administrators and staff should frequently remind and encourage all campers to wash their hands now and then, wear their masks every time, and maintain social distancing. 
  • Administrators and staff should undergo orientation on how to properly handle campers' screening for them to check possible signs and symptoms of COVID-19 from a camper before they let them enter the camping site. 
  • Administrators, staff, and campers should be oriented on how to prevent the spread of the virus. 
  • Maintaining a healthy environment inside the campsite. It means that the staff should see that the site is being checked every day and is always disinfected.
  • Campers should be discouraged from sharing their things with other campers. 
  • If the camping site is inside a closed room, administrators must provide the campers with proper ventilation. 
  • Do not give big groups to the campers, only small groups, and keep the campers within that group for the rest of the camp. 
  • Putting hand washing sink areas, sanitizers and alcohol must be placed in different and many areas of the site. 
  • Require your campers to bring their meals on the site and encourage them to eat with small groups only. Gathering with the crowd and sharing of food is strictly prohibited. 

If you're the administrator and plan to open your summer camp, you must submit your application 14 days before your camp's date. And within 24 hours, your attestation form must be submitted before the opening of your activity. And if you want to check the forms required for submission and all the list for camp safety guidelines, you can always refer to CDC.  

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