Man Confronts Son's Bullies, Gets Beaten In Broad Daylight

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After being beaten up by a group of boys bullying his 11-year-old son, a man is now fighting for his life.

Alan Willson, 46, was hospitalized on Easter Sunday after he was reportedly attacked in Longcroft Park, Worthing, West Sussex.

After hearing a group of boys tossing his son to the ground, Dad Willson, a care worker, dashed from his house to the park. As his son looked on, the gang allegedly turned on Mr. Willson by slamming an object into his head. His son's bullies quickly left the crime scene.

Shortly before 7.30 p.m. on Sunday, Sussex Police were called to Whitebeam Road, where they discovered a man had been injured in Longcroft Park. He was admitted to Brighton's Royal Sussex County Hospital, brought there by air.

Dad Willson is now in critical condition. He was actually in a coma last night as Dad Willson had brain bleeds, lung trauma, fractured bones, and spine fractures. His family is concerned that he will wake up with a brain injury, according to reports.

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Becky, his 25-year-old stepdaughter, wrote on Facebook, 'I just wish I could see you, dad, and tell you everything is going to be okay.' She is pleading for her dad to fight for his life. Telling him, he is such a strong, loving man who has raised them as his children and treated them as if they were his own.

She also said on the same post that he still has a lot of life ahead of him and a granddaughter who wants to grow up with her grandfather. Becky also says she wishes she could hold his hand, but COVID-19 has decided for us. She ends her post with, "Dad, you've got this."

Mr. Willson's wife, Annie, shared a picture of an injured husband, saying that is what bullies have done to her husband—hitting him and hitting him until he was down and unconscious. She also stated the dire conditions he is currently in on Facebook, "He is struggling for his life after brain surgery for multiple contusions on the brain."

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Mr. Willson's son's bullies have been arrested

Four boys have been arrested who cannot be identified due to their age. The boys were arrested earlier on suspicion of attempted murder and causing severe bodily harm with intent. The suspects were later released on bail with strict curfews, a requirement to stay at a specific address, and are prohibited from associating with each other.

On Monday, a fifth boy was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. He was also released on bail and subject to strict conditions. Police are asking for witnesses to the incident to contact them immediately.

"The attack and the build-up to it happened in a public park in broad daylight, so it was possible that other people may have observed the assault or the perpetrators fleeing the scene," said Detective Inspector Simon Dunn, who is heading the investigation. 

"I'd like to hear from someone who has knowledge but hasn't yet shared it."

The public can contact the police by going online or calling 101 and mentioning Operation Swallowtail. Alternatively, confidential details may be sent to police by visiting Crimestoppers online or calling 0800-555-111.

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