8-Year-Old Boy Saves Baby Sister From Choking With a Tip He Learned On TV

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AN 8-year-old boy named Jaxson Dempsey is being called a hero after his quick thinking saves his sister from choking using the tips he saw on TV. 

The Hazleton, Pennsylvania boy, and his 20-month-old younger sister were inside their car as their father was driving for a haircut when he noticed that her sister was choking. The 8-year-old boy immediately jumped into action. 

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In an interview, Jaxson said he was only listening to music when he suddenly heard her sister choking. When he turned on his left to look into his sister, he saw her face turned red and purple. Jaxson then told their dad to pull over, and he started to pat his sister's back. Then the 8-year-old boy dislodged a nugget.

Jaxson had one thing that comes to his mind after seeing his sister choking. It was an episode he saw from Nickelodeon entitled "The Substitute." The Substitute is a prank show where-in hidden cameras are put inside the classrooms, and actors come in dressed up as substitute teachers. In the episode, he saw John Cena as the substitute teacher, and he taught the kids how to save someone from choking

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Choking sister saved by 8-year-old brother

Parents sometimes worry too much when their kids spend so much time on the TV. They fear the information kids might get from TV, is it helpful or not for them. But the 8-year-old boy is defiant that screen time comes in handy sometimes.

Jaxson reminds us, especially parents, that choking is a very silent enemy, unlike what we often see from shows and movies. Matt, their father, admitted that he wouldn't have noticed her daughter choking if Jaxson wasn't there.

Matt said that he didn't hear his daughter choking nor seeing her panicking because she was eating nuggets, and he wouldn't have stopped giving her nuggets. Luckily Jaxson was there. 

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After hearing the incident, John Cena was so impressed that he sent a video message to Jaxson and thanked him for what he did to her sister. "Now I heard a story about you, and it touched my heart. A story that in a time of crisis, you were brave enough to take action.

By doing so, you saved your little sister's life. I wanted to commend you because the actions of a true hero are those who do act in a time of crisis." John Cena said. He then added thanking Jaxson and for being an inspiration. 

Jaxson also mentioned that being a firefighter is his dream when he grows up. His plans fit with the parade of firetrucks given to him in honor of the heroic act then he did. Apart from the parade, Jaxson also received a commendation from the town's mayor.

Jaxson mentioned that it made him feel special for saving his sister's life. He even leaves advice for kids; be prepared. Kids should know Heimlich so that when a time comes that their sisters are choking, they know what to do.

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