Mom Shares Hospital Hacks on TikTok

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Whitney Sutton, mom of Ellie Grace, who is battling bravely with B Cell Acute Leukemia, found her hospital hacks and shares them on Tiktok. 

A positive mom like Whitney from Alamance County, N.C. drove 1,000 miles to UNC Children's hospital to visit her daughter Ellie, 5 years old. And for her, the routine was insane. Whitney is a mom who will do everything for her child, do this for almost three weeks now. 

In her interview, Whitney said that she thought they would only stay in the hospital for one day, but now it's almost three weeks. And they will continue to remain for another 25 days along with her husband, Geoff Sutton. 

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Their daughter Ellie keeps telling them how she misses her younger brother Tristan who is only three years old. Whitney, on the other hand, misses the beautiful country with its grasses and road. But the wonderful mom and family found their way on how to make their stay in the hospital easier. 

First, Whitney turned to her Facebook account after receiving updates and queries from relatives and friends, telling her how they can help. But then, when the mom had enough on her plate, she decided to stop Facebook live but continue with Tiktok. 

So last month, Whitney posted hospital hacks on her Tik Tok account in her hope to help other parents out there whom she thought are experiencing the same thing as her. Whitney admitted that having a sick child is overwhelming and that she wanted to help other parents find a way to make their situation lighter. 

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Hospital hacks mom shares on TikTok parents must-see


One of her Tiktok videos reminds every parent to keep themselves hydrated and well-fed every time they stay at the hospital. In her experience, one doctor approached her and said to keep themselves hydrated because they have one situation before wherein they need to put the parents into ER for dehydration. 


Another Tiktok upload was telling everyone in the hospital that once you sleep and having your rest. Make sure to tell the people outside that you are not available to entertain interruptions. Whitney says they put a note on their door saying they need to see the nurse first before entering. 

Sleeper Sofa

After both she and her husband had three sleepless nights, her husband Geoff decided to purchase a luxurious sofa. It is a self-inflating mattress you can often see at camping stores. After buying it, Whitney and Geoff now get better sleep. 

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Whitney posted more hospital hacks on her Tiktok account. And most of her videos have garnered thousands of views. Parents who are experiencing the same situation would be so thankful for Whitney's tips for them. 

Whitney was so excited for the positive responses her video gets and is saddened that other parents need to stay in extended time in the hospital. Whitney hopes her tips can help them get away with their situation. And if everything goes out to plan, their beautiful Ellie will go out of the hospital next month before her 6th birthday.

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