Breastfeeding Mom Appeals to Court for Jury Duty

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A breastfeeding mom has been told that she must attend court for jury service. 

Zoe Stacey, the breastfeeding mom from Eastleigh, Hampshire, has been told that her jury service in May at Winchester Crown Court can be delayed within a period of 12 months. 

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The plan to breastfeed

She said that she wanted to be a breastfeeding mom to her son William for longer than a year and has appealed against the ruling. She appealed to change her jury service dates but was told that she would be expected to turn up to Winchester Crown Court for the next month.

Courts and services said that it was because they are looking at the facts of the case. 

The request of the breastfeeding mom

A mother of two, and a breastfeeding mom, Mrs. Stacey, whose request to be excused from the service denied by the Jury Central Summoning Bureau, said that she breastfed her older son, Thomas, for longer than a year. 

She said that she is still breastfeeding and will have no choice but to bring her child into the jury box. She added that she would not leave her son at home for a long time at such a young age. 

She also said that she found it hard to breastfeed William at first, two months old, as he had a tongue-tie. The strip of skin that links the baby's tongue to the bottom of their mouth is shorter than usual. 

Mrs. Stacey said that she feels strongly about being able to breastfeed for as long as she can. She added that she does not want to leave her son for the following year. The mother appealed that the jury needs to show more compassion to new parents. She exclaimed that it is evident that if people choose to feed their children also have the right to be granted parental leave.

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Parenting and jury service

Mrs. Stacey said that she had to give many dates within the time frame where she would be prepared to serve for ten days. 

Parents say that it is very tiring to have a new child, especially breastfeeding moms. No one wants to have someone sat on the jury who was tired or could not pay full attention. 

Mrs. Stacey recalled the time before where there are other moms with them, not to mention there are also other groups where they can go. 

The mother of two said that it is stressful for many people with what has been going on. She pointed out that throwing a child and sleepless nights, not to mention being asked on jury service, is not an excellent time. 

Mrs. Stacey's appeal is due to be reviewed by a judge at Winchester Court. HM Courts and Tribunal Service said that the crown court practice is to put off new breastfeeding moms. They added that they are looking at the facts of this case. 

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