'Wonder Woman' Star Gal Gadot Shares Photo Of New Daughter

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Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot proudly announced that they are now a family of five after the birth of her third daughter and the actress has named her Daniella.

Gadot introduced Daniella to the world in an Instagram post and said that she couldn't be more grateful and happy to welcome the baby into their family. The actress, who has been married to Israeli real estate developer Yaron Varsano since 2008, is already a mom to 9-year-old Alma and 4-year-old Maya.

In April 2021, Gadot confirmed to late-night host Jimmy Kimmel that she's pregnant with her third baby. She told him that her eldest daughter was not thrilled with the idea of having another sibling at the start of her pregnancy but as her due date neared, the superstar said that Alma and Maya have been "super, super excited" for the birth.

Pregnant While Filming Wonder Woman

During the filming of her first blockbuster superhero movie in late 2016, Gadot was pregnant with Maya. According to Business Insider, the production had to use CGI magic to cover up her baby bump during the reshoots of Wonder Woman as she was in the second trimester of her pregnancy.

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Fortunately, director Patty Jenkins didn't have to reshoot a lot of the action scenes. However, Gadot said in one interview during the press rounds for Wonder Woman that she will tell Maya that she was inside her mommy's tummy while they were filming a battle for the movie.

For her third pregnancy, Gadot was lying low because of the pandemic restrictions and her condition so she was able to spend her time with her daughters. In the months leading up to Daniella's birth, the actress was spotted with her face mask on as she took Alma and Maya to their dance classes. The mother and daughters were also seen shopping in town in Los Angeles, where the family is based.

Life With A Newborn

In a virtual guest appearance on Live With Kelly and Ryan, Gadot confirmed the baby's sex and said that they will stick to what they know about raising daughters. The mother then went on to share that they "messed up" Alma's sleep routine as their first baby.

Gadot believes that the hardest part of having a newborn is the lack of sleep but she has since mastered sleep training with her second child. With Maya, the actress and her husband had an easier time letting her sleep through the night by the time she was five months old.

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Meanwhile, Gadot will soon start work on a new movie, Meet Me in Another Life, where she will also wear the producer's hat along with her husband. According to Deadline, the couple snapped up the rights to turn Catriona Silvey's book into a film via their production company, Pilot Wave. Gadot will also star in the movie but the rest of the cast has not yet been revealed.

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