Baby Stroller Maker Recalls 86,000 Units Following Injuries, Broken Noses

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A baby stroller maker from Massachusetts has issued a recall for 86,000 units of its UPPAbaby Rumbleseat adapters as it may become a fall hazard for the children. 

Consumer Affairs reported that there were 135 reports about the unreliability of the UPPAbaby Rumbleseat adapters, where 77 of the cases resulted in bumps and scrapes in children. Two of the babies broke their noses from the unstable baby stroller. 

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The said accessory, included in baby stroller models 0252, 0917, and 0918, has to be attached to the stroller's frame to add a second seat. However, the China-made adapters, which were sold from 2014 to 2019, could misalign and wobble, causing the baby to fall out and get hurt.

A Replacement is Underway

Consumer Affairs also stated that the Rumbleseat adapters for recall have a distinct yellow tag while those with black tags are safe to use. Parents who have the defective item may fill out a form online and request a replacement to correct the issue. 

Parents may also call UPPAbaby's toll-free helpline at (844) 823-3132 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST during the weekdays for the request. Moms and dads and the baby's carers should also stop using the defective adapters and wait for the delivery of the replacement. 

The Couple Behind UPPABaby

UPPAbaby strollers are quite popular among American parents and have been described as status symbols or lifestyle signifiers, per Slate Magazine. Designed by former Ford and Reebok product developer Bob Monahan, the UPPAbaby is the go-to baby stroller for New York's swanky Upper West Side crowd. 

Monaghan started his baby stroller company with his wife, Lauren, around 2005, but the company didn't grow in demand until three years later. The product became the top-selling choice for parents after popular international brand Maclaren voluntarily issued a product recall for its baby strollers in 2009 after a dozen children lost their fingers because of the stroller's hinges. 

Consumer Report acknowledged that UPPAbaby stands out for parents because of its excellent after-sales customer service. Their team is said to be responsive about questions or problems that parents phone in or ask on their website.

Baby Stroller Safety

Meanwhile, as baby strollers come in various sizes and shapes, parents need to look for the right kind based on the baby's weight, height, and age. Ideally, the stroller should include a belt or harness to restrain the child by the waist, shoulders, or legs. 

Some strollers have a hand rest or a grab bar on the front side, which should not have a wide gap that could cause the baby to slip down. The equipment should be free of parts that can scratch, pinch or choke the baby. Ideally, its base or seat must be wide, low, and comfortable. A good baby stroller should not be difficult to steer, and its wheels should have brakes or locks. 

Parents should never leave their baby strapped but unattended on the baby stroller, and they must resist hanging bags on it since the child could easily get tangled. Always put on the brakes when the stroller is not moving

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