Wearing Heels While Pregnant: Health Risks To Avoid and Safety Tips To Follow

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Moms, who like wearing heels while pregnant, are often told to switch to shoes that could better support their added weight. However, a lot of pregnant female celebrities, influencers, and public figures have been seen walking in high-heeled shoes and they are scrutinized for their fashion choices.

According to the gynecologist and obstetrician Dr. Sushma Tomar, wearing heels while pregnant might be OK for the first trimester because it won't disrupt a pregnant woman's balance when walking. However, when the baby's position changes, triggering a pelvic tilt, the mother's center of gravity will also change. During this stage, moms who prefer wearing high heels may experience backache or leg pains more frequently. 

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In the pregnancy's second trimester, the ligaments around the pelvis start to loosen up in preparation for the baby's birth. However, this also causes the joints of the back and hips to shift, making the moms more uncomfortable and vulnerable to pain if they slip on high-heeled shoes.

Around the third trimester, the belly's size also impacts the mom's center of gravity. Furthermore, the mother's feet will tend to swell at this point in the pregnancy due to the changes in her hormones. It could make slim and sexy stiletto shoes agonizing to wear. 

Risks of High Heels for Pregnant Moms

Experts said that there is no medical condition barring pregnant moms from wearing high heels, and Dr. Alyssa Dweck said that the biggest risks of wearing high heels while pregnant are trips and falls. She agreed that pregnant mothers tend to lose their center of gravity while they're heavy with a child, so they have balance issues that could lead to twisting their ankles.

But in general, there aren't any other risks to pregnant moms in heels. Dr. Dweck added that if the mother is still comfortable with her high heels, even in her late pregnancy, then she can keep wearing them. 

Still, some doctors will discourage mothers from stepping into a pair of high-heeled shoes because a trip and fall, from wearing shoes that cannot support the pregnancy weight, will easily raise the risk of a miscarriage. However, Dr. Dweck said this is a matter of common sense for moms. 

Tips on Wearing Heels 

For moms who still choose to wear heels, a shorter wedge or block heel might provide better support instead of a stiletto, kitten, or platforms, which are thin and could not support balance. If the mom has to be in heels for a full day, they are advised to take their shoes off during their breaks to help their feet relax. If possible, they should bring along an extra pair of flats or comfortable shoes to change into after the event. 

Invest in good and durable high heels that will not break or snap with the extra weight. Don't wear heels every day. 

At parties, moms who are wearing heels while pregnant must be conscious of not stand too long or walking around. They need to take a seat to relieve the pressure around the ankles and avoid a trip or fall.  

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