Britney Spears Rants about Dad and Sister, Jamie Lynn Responds With Message of Peace

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Popstar Britney Spears poured her anger towards her father, Jamie Spears, and sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, over her long-running conservatorship case in court and posted scathing messages about her family on Instagram Story.

In a series of posts, Britney, 39, wrote that the people she loved, who said they cared about her, did not even give her a hand when she was "drowning" in her most emotionally challenging period.

The superstar, who used to post cryptic messages about her life, openly called out her dad, who has been making decisions for Britney in the last 13 years. The singer then decided that she will quit performing on the stage and end her career because it's Jamie who still chooses what she "wear, say do, or think."

It comes as Britney testified in court for the first time in June 2021 that her life has been in hell over her conservatorship case. She revealed that she was forced to work, drugged into submission, and couldn't make her own birth control choices as an adult as her father controlled everything around her since 2008. Even her choices for kitchen cabinets for her own house were decided by Jamie.

Jamie Lynn Extends Peace

Britney also called out Jamie Lynn, 30, for performing her hits during a 2017 show for Disney Radio Awards.

"My so-called support system hurt me deeply!" Britney wrote. "This conservatorship killed my dreams."

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In response, Jamie Lynn also posted a cryptic Instagram message amid her older sister's online rant. The singer shared an image of herself and captioned it with a simple message of peace. However, she kept the comments section closed off to the public and her followers.

Jamie Lynn only recently spoke about Britney's conservatorship case when the latter had to testify in court. The younger Spears sibling explained that she felt it wasn't her place to publicly talk about the case until Britney could tell everything on public record.

The former child star also said that she had adored Britney "since the day I was born," adding that her sister knows she always has her support. She also asked the public to stop sending death threats, especially to her children. Jamie Lynn is mom to Maddie Briann, 13, and Ivey Joan, 3.

In 2020, she was named trustee for Britney's estate, which means she has the power to oversee the finances of Britney's children, Sean, 15, and Jayden, 14, in the event of the superstar's death. However, Jamie Lynn said that she doesn't care about Britney's money but only her happiness.

Progress to Britney's Case

Following Britney's testimony, the court granted the singer the right to choose her lawyers after 13 years of switching legal representations and going back and forth in court. According to CBS, Spears' new lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, has to prove to the court that Britney can take care of herself, her finances, her career, and her health.

Some experts also said that besides proving her capability, the court would need to hear other people's testimonies. The judge might also want to know if Britney has a solid system in place if her conservatorship ends. The experts also said that the court is finally listening to Britney after allowing her to testify and hire new lawyers compared to the previous hearing.

Britney's father asked to be her conservator after the singer had a mental health breakdown in 2008.

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