A Bright Spot: How the Pandemic Brought Families Together

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The pandemic caused many families to encounter difficult financial and emotional times. Businesses closed and families were in lockdown mode. Grocery stores and gas stations were among the few establishments that could remain open. 

However, in viewing the glass half full, a bright spot emerged, a return to a simpler time and a strong family bond.

Altering Lifestyle

Since the beauty parlor, barber and nail salon was closed, getting a haircut and styling, a professional shave and nail treatment was not possible. People still had access to online shopping, though.

With a few clicks people could order the things they needed, such as an assortment of nail treatments and trending polishes, and shampoo and conditioner for natural hair. Many families had fun discovering new hairstyles and achieving coordinated looks. 

At-Home Workout

Initially, not having access to the gym was hard. After all, many people had developed a weekly routine that kept them on track. Children home from school also lost their recess and gym class. Parents quickly achieved a workout routine at home. 

Again, the internet proved a valuable tool. Fitness DVDs and online workout sessions became the norm in homes across the country. Couples and families gathered together daily for a workout. It helped keep them in shape and enhanced quality time. 

Dining In

For many adults, a hectic lifestyle all but destroyed the family meals. Unlike in the '50s, '60s and early '70s where families gathered to eat and discuss the day's events, in the 21st century, this hasn't been as popular for some families. Instead, ordering takeout and doing their own thing was more traditional. 

After the lockdown, families remained at home. There was no scurry to meet deadlines. As a result, people started to cook again. They experimented with new recipes and dusted off the old recipe book to make the family classics. Everyone got into the act, adding their own personal touch to each meal. Despite the lockdown, without the fatty foods, many families started to maintain a healthy weight. 

Enriching the Mind

With the entire family at home, many people needed to fill time slots. Reading a favorite pastime was now something everyone did together. Many people and members of their family selected books and sat quietly absorbed in the words. In addition to creating a calm environment, they were able to enrich the minds of their children. 

Having Fun

The pandemic caused the lives of millions of Americans to come to a screeching halt. The usual hot spots for entertainment for the youth and adults were no more. Movie theaters, nightclubs, amusement centers, and parks were not open. People had to find other ways to have fun. 

Couples reinvented date night from the privacy of their home. Parents returned to the basic form of family fun. They got out games and their favorite movies and even had an occasional surprise by ordering a newly released movie from their cable service provider. 

Staying Connected

Not being able to see siblings, parents and close friends was difficult for many people. Fortunately, platforms such as Facetime on an iPhone and Skype allow you to see loved ones face to face. Families could remain in contact despite sheltering in place. School and many businesses continued as well. Teachers used Skype to conduct lessons and companies had meetings via Zoom. They could still have some normalcy in their lives. 

The pandemic took the country by surprise. Prior to its arrival, no one could predict that this would never happen, a world in lockdown. However, as a result, something wonderful happened, many families became close once again. The simple things in life are now most important, quality family time.

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