'Game of Thrones' Star Kit Harington Gives Rare Interview About His New Life as a Father

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Kit Harington, the star of "Game of Thrones," has traded swords and dragons for cuddles with his new son and has been relishing in his new, lifelong role as a father.

The actor, famously known as Jon Snow in the HBO hit series, welcomed his baby boy with his wife, Rose Leslie, in February 2021. Harington opened up about being a parent in a rare interview with Access Hollywood.

Harington said that the dynamic of his relationship with his wife has changed into this unit that revolves around watching their son grow. The actor said that fatherhood had been a beautiful thing with a lot of surprises along the way.

"You have no way of knowing that until it happens," Harington said. He marvels at waking up every day with Leslie and their son, whose real name has not yet been publicized.

As his son is developing and reaching his milestones, Harington also said that he's changing as a parent.

"I pretty much find every day as he grows and changes, how does that change you," he said.

A Wonderful Thought

Harington and Leslie met on "Game of Thrones" and fell in love with each other during the filming of the second season on location in Iceland. The actor spoke with GQ in 2019 and said that it would be a "wonderful thought" to have their children watch the series one day and see how their parents fell in love.

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Though they have been part of the most popular TV series in the world, Harington and Leslie have kept their relationship discreet and private. While they were dating, the couple refused to speak about their romance in interviews and even declined fans who asked for pictures of them together.

In 2017, Harington and Leslie decided to move in after a brief break-up. A few months later, the actor proposed to Leslie in a highly romantic setting under the stars in the English countryside.

The pair officially announced their engagement the old-fashioned way through the newspapers. The couple got married in 2018 in a Scottish castle that belonged to Leslie's family. The actress didn't reveal that she was heavy with a child until September 2020.

A Good Lockdown

Before having their first child together, Harington and Leslie spent time in lockdown enjoying each other. After "Game of Thrones" ended, Harington didn't accept projects for some time as he wanted a break from acting.

He told The Telegraph that he and Leslie were in Suffolk during the first wave of the pandemic and did a lot of gardening, reading and exercising as they waited for the baby's birth. Sometimes they both dressed up, pretended they were on the red carpet or acted scenes together with nobody as their audience.

Hartington shared that he idolized his mother, Deborah Harington when he was growing up. Because of her, Harington pursued acting since she used to take him and his brother, Jack, to watch theater shows.

The actor is back at work to promote the second season of the anthology series Modern Love for Amazon Prime. Leslie, on the other hand, is also back on the set for her new show, the adaptation of The Time Traveler's Wife with actor Theo James. The couple has recently been spotted in New York, where they live when they are working in the U.S.

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