Paris Hilton Pregnancy: Heiress Admits Babies Good To Go After Having IVF Procedure

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Hotel heiress Paris Hilton has revealed her babies are "ready to go" after going through an IVF procedure to have her eggs frozen. The former reality TV star has expressed plans to start a family following her engagement to author and venture capitalist Carter Reum.

In an interview with Delish magazine, Hilton, who turned 40 years old in February 2021, said that her focus is not only on expanding her wealth but also on having babies. The heiress said that going through the IVF process was difficult, uncomfortable, and painful, but she was happy with the decision.

"We have tons of eggs and all of the kids ready to go," Hilton said, adding that she feels lucky to have a supportive partner in Reum.

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The TV star also shared that she wants to become the type of mom who is her child's best friend, similar to the supportive relationship she shares with her mother, Kathleen Hilton. The celebrity said that she could not wait to do fun things with her kids and celebrate Christmases with Santa Clause or Easters with the Easter Bunny.

Criticism of Paris and Carter's IVF

Early this year, Hilton shared in a podcast that she and Reum want to have a pair of boy-girl twins, so they went through IVF, but her revelation drew a backlash with people accusing the heiress of displaying her privilege and elitism. Critics told the star that she was insensitive to couples struggling to have babies through IVF but can't proceed because of unhealthy embryos. They can't make the same choices as Hilton and Reum.

However, some people also came to the defense of Hilton, saying that people cannot question her motives as going through fertility treatments is both a physical and emotional challenge. They noted that criticizing her personal choice adds to the stigma many couples face when needing the help of science to conceive.

In July, rumors abound that Hilton could be in the family way. However, she quickly denied the story and joked that the only thing in her oven is lasagna. Reum, on the other hand, did not want to comment on the pregnancy rumors.

Waiting till Marriage

Hilton also said that they are waiting to have a baby after they get married. Her wedding dress is currently being made, and she wants to fit into it perfectly.

However, she said that she and her future husband are set on having kids in 2022 and have already picked a name for her future daughter. She wants to name her London because it goes well with Paris.

Hilton and Reum have known each other for 15 years, but they didn't become romantic with each other until late 2019, after the heiress was invited by Reum's sister, Halle Hammond, to join them on a family holiday. The two realized that they had such chemistry and agreed to go on a date. The pair spent 2020 lockdowns together, and Hilton said that this made them closer as a couple.

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