Meghan Markle Snubs Father's Peace Offering for Her 40th Birthday

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Meghan Markle received a bouquet with a card from her father, Thomas Markle, for her 40th birthday last August 4, but Thomas claimed his estranged daughter hasn't thanked him for the gesture.

Thomas reportedly sent a dozen red roses with two yellow roses in the middle for Archie and Lili, Meghan's children with Prince Harry. His card also read, "Wishing you a happy birthday and brighter days."

Talking with TMZ, Thomas said he sent the peace offering to let Meghan know that he wants to be a part of her children's lives. Thomas said that his grandchildren do not have enough family around them as they are growing up.

The Duchess of Sussex hasn't spoken to her father for more than two years. Meghan claimed that her father hurt her after working with the paparazzi before her wedding, despite Harry's warning that he shouldn't speak with the press. Thomas also gave Meghan's letter to the media, the subject of her lawsuit against a British tabloid for breach of privacy.

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Biological Right to Grandchildren

The birthday gesture comes just weeks after Thomas said in an interview that he's planning to petition the court to allow him to see Archie, two years old, and Lili, two months old. The 77-year-old grandfather said that Archie and Lili shouldn't be pawns  or punished for their parents' "bad behavior."

However, legal experts have said that Thomas' plan might not work because California laws stipulate that a grandparent may be granted visitation rights to their grandchildren if they have a pre-existing relationship with the kids. The court may also allow the visits if it's in the best interest of the child.

According to Mark Gross, a celebrity divorce attorney, Thomas has a weak case because he has yet to meet his grandchildren. The grandfather has also been going on television to give interviews that appear to be self-serving, which will have court judges concerned.

In March 2021, during an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan addressed the estrangement with Thomas. She said that she tried to protect her father, herself, and the British Royal Family from the media frenzy, but his father had been staging paparazzi photos all along. Meghan claimed that her father hasn't been truthful to her. In later interviews, Thomas admitted to his mistakes and apologized to Meghan, but they were estranged and embroiled in a court case for breach of privacy.

'She'll Ruin Your Life'

Meanwhile, Meghan's brother, Thomas Markle, Jr., 55, will appear on TV to join Big Brother Australia VIP. In the teasers promoting the show's launch, the younger Thomas said he tried to warn Harry against marrying his sister because she is "shallow" and she'll ruin the royal's life. He said that he wrote Harry a letter before their wedding to express his sentiments, adding that her sister, a former TV actress, was not the right woman for the prince.

Thomas Jr. has criticized Meghan on TV before and has labeled her as a conceited and phony woman. The window fitter from Oregon didn't grow up to have a relationship with the Duchess of Sussex since they have different mothers.

In 2017, Thomas Jr. was charged for holding a gun and threatening his fiancée, Darlene Blount, during a drunken argument. Meghan's brother has also fought with their oldest sister, Samantha Grant, who doesn't have a good relationship with the Duchess of Sussex as well.

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