Michael Schumacher Documentary on Netflix to Feature Never-Before-Seen Family Clips


Formula One fans have been waiting for the release of the Michael Schumacher documentary on Netflix, highlighting the career and life of one of the best racing drivers to put Team Ferrari in the lead. The documentary, which will begin streaming on September 15, will also include many never-before-seen family clips, according to Schumacher's son, Mick Schumacher, who marked his debut as an F1 driver this season.

Mick shared that the documentary "Schumacher" could likely be very emotional for the fans, especially those who grew up watching his father become a seven-time F1 World Championship record-holder. The 22-year-old racer, who has been following his father's career track, said that he finished watching the film ahead of its debut and got emotional himself.

"The best thing I could say is for everybody to have a look at it," Mick said. "Watch it and experience it for themselves because I don't really want to, let's say, spoil too much."

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Michael Schumacher's Health

In 2013, Michael's illustrious career with the F1 abruptly ended after suffering a severe brain injury due to a skiing accident in the Swiss Alps. Jean Todt, Team Ferrari's former boss, credited Michael's wife, Corinna Schumacher, for his recovery as she took charge of her husband's recovery alongside a team of doctors. 

Now 52 years old, Michael was in a coma for months following his accident, but Corinna worked hard with the doctors to keep him alive. The family, originally from Germany, has since settled in Switzerland, where the former racer has the best medical staff looking after him.

While few details are known about Michael's health, Todt said that the Schumacher family "continue to fight." They are hopeful that the former racing champ will be able to talk about his health himself one day.

According to F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone, Michael is "not with us at the moment," as news that he's paralyzed has been reported over the years. Only a handful of people are allowed to see Michael as well, and it's up to Corinna to decide who gets to visit because of her husband's delicate condition. 

In 2020, reports cited that Michael was supposed to undergo a stem cell operation to help with the regeneration of his nervous system. The procedure didn't push through because of COVID-19.

Mick to Carry Dad's Legacy

Meanwhile, Mattia Binotto, the principal of Team Ferrari, wants Mick to aim for a Ferrari seat in 2023 and carry on his father's legacy for the team. Mick has been driving for Haas, whose major sponsor wanted a driver with German roots on their team.

Binotto believes that Mick's goals include becoming a Ferrari driver one day, which is what Formula One fans expect. However, the principal also said they wouldn't pressure the young driver to change teams, but he has Team Ferrari closely watching his progress in Haas.

Before Mick's debut season at Formula One, he was racing at F3 and F2 as a youngster. However, fans feel that he hasn't been given a chance to shine due to Haas' underperforming machines.

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