Pink Claims Parents of Teen YouTube Star Exploit Their Daughter; Piper Rockelle Responds

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Pink, the Grammy-winning music icon and mom of two, has openly expressed her concerns for 14-year-old YouTube star Piper Rockelle, sharing her bikini poses on social media.

In a post on Twitter, Pink asked her followers if they also felt that Rockelle's parents have been exploiting their daughter as it's the girl's mother who takes the photos and videos of the social media star.

Pink's observation drew nearly 1,500 comments, with most people saying they feel sad to see Rockelle's sexy images online. Some of Pink's followers also thanked her for speaking up about this alleged exploitation because they felt that Rockelle's antics on social media could lead to unhealthy expectations about herself and her relationships when she's older.

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Commenters said they are scared for Rockelle because her parents don't seem to see the risk they've created for their daughter, with her followers sexualizing her at such a young age. According to the netizens, it doesn't seem like her mom has taught the 14-year-old not to use her body to be famous.

Who is Piper Rockelle?

Rockelle is a content creator and musician with more than eight million subscribers on YouTube and 4.8 million followers on Instagram. Since she was four years old, her mom documented her life on social media until she created her profile and built her following.

According to Insider, Rockelle's early posts were mostly pranks, toys, dancing, and anecdotes about her family, but she raked 4.6 million views when she started a "How to Make a Slime" web series as a 10-year-old girl. When Rockelle became a teenager, she started creating videos focused on her music. However, the young star has earned more followers these days because she loves to participate in social media challenges with her friends and her boyfriend.

Stardom isn't elusive for Rockelle because she starred in a web series for three seasons and a reality TV show for one year. She has also released many tracks as a budding singer, but her real platform remains on YouTube.

Piper's Response to Pink

In response to Pink's comment about her bikini photos, Rockelle said that her photos are not sexual, but if people think so, they could only view them that way. She felt bad that some people could be shamed for sharing fun photos of teenagers in bikinis. She also questioned Pink for her comments since the singing star seems to support other people's dreams of success and fame.

Rockelle's mother, Tiffany, also responded to Pink's comment in an interview with Today. She said that her daughter has always loved performing, and for as long as her daughter is passionate about what she does in front of the camera, Tiffany said that she would nurture her daughter's dream and protect her.

"I'm just a mom like any other who loves her daughter and would do anything for her," the mother said.

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