Las Vegas Mom Calls for the Resignation of Teacher Who Allegedly Taped Face Mask on Her Son's Face

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A furious Las Vegas mom wants a substitute teacher at the Reedom Elementary School, who taped a face mask on her son's face, to resign from her job.

In an interview with Fox News, the Las Vegas mom claimed that the teacher might have inflicted long-term effects on her son because of how she handled the situation. Apparently, the boy took off his face mask when he drank water in class and forgot to put this back on. Instead of telling the student to wear his face mask again, the teacher allegedly pulled the boy in front of the class, then "taped the mask across the top of his face."

The mother said that the entire class laughed at the incident while her son was humiliated. The boy wasn't the only student subjected to the embarrassing situation as other kids also had their masks taped to their faces.

Reedom Elementary School is under the Clark County School District, which acknowledged the "isolated incident." The school district stated that the family had been notified of the investigation on its employee "through proper channels."

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Boy Cried Over the Embarrassment

The Las Vegas mom further said that her son cried because he was embarrassed in front of the class. The teacher did not only taped the face mask once but also added another layer of adhesive from the boy's nose to his forehead.

A school administrator noticed the boy's taped face mask as he picked up the stuff his father had dropped off in school. The administrator then alerted the school principal, who checked up on the class.

In July, Clark County School District announced the face mask mandate for both students and employees, which received support from Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak. The mother said that she's not against the mask mandate at Reedom Elementary School, but she is against corporal punishment.

Her son relayed that at least five other students received the same punishment from the substitute teacher, whose identity was not revealed. The mom filed a police report against the teacher, and the family is considering moving their son to another school.

Nevada Allows No Mask at Events with Vaccine Requirements

Meanwhile, Nevada has joined other states requiring the public to prove that they have been fully vaccinated before joining events or being in public places. Sisolak said that venues with vaccine rules might opt out of the face mask mandates.

"I think it is going to get more people wanting to go to an event because they know that when they walk in that arena or that stadium, everybody's vaccinated," the governor said.

Partially vaccinated individuals and children who cannot receive the vaccines because of their age may still attend public events if they prefer, but they need to keep a face mask on. 

However, the governor emphasized that this was not an order but simply a suggestion that venues may or may not apply in their operations.

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