Steve 'Blue's Clues' Apology Video Drives Fans, Including Kevin Durant, to Tears

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"Blue's Clues," the popular Nick Jr. pre-school series, has pulled all the stops to please fans for its 25th anniversary by releasing an apology video from the show's original host, Steve Burns.

For years, fans consoled themselves online by discussing Burns' departure from the beloved series in 2002 as the former host tried to break away from the Steve persona. But on Tuesday, September 7, Burns and Nick Jr. drove millennials to tears as their friend from childhood finally addressed his long absence.

In his familiar striped green shirt, Burns told his viewers, who are now well into their mid-20s and early 30s, that he went to college to challenge himself to do many things he wanted to do. He also addressed his "friends" and said that he was proud that they've pretty much accomplished amazing things as well with their jobs, families, and even student loans.

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Burns ended his message on a positive and inspiring note that cuts through the heart of his former viewers.

"I guess I just wanted to say, after all these years, I never forgot you. Ever," he said.

'We Needed This'

Basketball superstar Kevin Durant, who was only four years old when "Blue's Clues" aired Burns' last episode, "Steve Goes To College," was one of the first to share the video. Posting on Twitter, the Brooklyn Nets player said that it was what he needed to hear from an old friend.

YouTuber Arlo also reposted Burns' "incredibly sweet" message. While he said he was too old to appreciate "Blue's Clues," he acknowledged the power of the apology video.

"A perfect intersection between media for different generations, speaking to adults in a childlike way that's completely pure without being cutesy or condescending," Arlo wrote on Twitter.

"Steve giving us closure healed me from a hurt inside that I didn't know I had," another fan wrote.

Chuck Gaffney, 37, described the video as "comforting" amid the death of his cousin and younger brother. Speaking with the New York Times, the computer programmer recalled that he and seven siblings watched Blue's Clues together as kids, and he will soon introduce the show to his 2-year-old girl.

The Real Reason Why Steve Left

At the time of Burns' stint with "Blue's Clues," the show had over 14 million viewers a week. The popularity of the series triggered an identity crisis for the host as he felt he was not qualified to teach children because he's not a child development specialist.

In a previous interview with Huffington Post, Burns, now 47, joked that he left because he was starting to lose his hair and didn't want that to unfold on the TV show. However, the truth was Burns left the series because it was "simply time to go," as did most of the original people behind the series. While he pursued music for a time, Burn said that he didn't plan on having a music career.

The former host also said that he's always grateful for being part of a successful series though he said that his contribution to "Blue's Clues" had been "very small." His fans can follow what he's been up to on Instagram at @steveburnsalive.

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