What Experts Say About Staying Healthy In The New Normal

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Nothing is more important than good health, and the pandemic has only reinforced its significance. When nothing else seemed to work, good immunity was the savior against the virus. Not surprisingly, people are willing to invest time, effort, and money in well-being in post-pandemic times. But staying healthy in the new normal is challenging. You have to stay ahead with regular fitness and ensure safety from the virus as well. 

A strategic wellness plan that covers all fronts with a holistic approach can give you a good start. Also, you need to understand that it will require a lot of work because there isn't a magic pill that will do a miracle. You have to follow the usual healthcare advice and do something more. Here are some recommendations from experts you can follow to stay fit and healthy in the new normal.

Focus on building strong immunity 

Nothing matters more than bolstering your immunity right now because it can single-handedly protect you from the virus. Thankfully, everyone knows what they need to do to strengthen immunity. Reinventing your diet with natural immunity-boosters is the first step. Exercise is another way to make your immune system stronger. You can talk to an expert for a complete assessment of deficiencies and recommendations for health supplements to cover the gaps. Building your immunity requires some effort, but it can go a long way to protect you from the virus. Even if it hits you, a strong immune system can act as your first line of defense. Getting your vaccines on time is equally crucial.

Assess your risk factors 

Staying healthy amid the pandemic is also about understanding your risks. Some risks make you more vulnerable to infection and even death. People over 65 are in the high-risk category. Consider it more threatening if you have a chronic health condition such as lung or respiratory disease, heart disease, diabetes, or hypertension. People getting chemotherapy treatment and those with an organ transplant also come under this category. If you do get infected, there are higher chances you will have to deal with serious complications and hospitalization. Knowing your risks will enable you to manage them and curb the possibility of infection and complications. 

Mental health is equally crucial

Experts suggest that you should give as much attention to mental health as physical well-being. Surprisingly, stress and anxiety can affect your immunity in the long run. If you fail to manage them, you may end up with a system that isn't capable of warding off the infection. It is crucial to go the extra mile for mental wellness during pandemic times. Fortunately, it is easier than you imagine despite the challenging situation. Including meditation in your daily routine takes you a step closer toward holistic well-being. Small sessions of deep breathing give you a good start, and you can learn more meditation techniques by accessing online videos. Spend time outdoors, and try to achieve a work-life balance to cope up with the situation.

Sexual health deserves attention too

It is easy to overlook your sexual health when the entire focus is on virus safety and mental wellness. But it deserves as much attention as the other aspects. The best thing to do right now is to limit physical contact. Ideally, get intimate only with a partner you live with. It can protect you from the virus, and safety from STDs comes as a bonus benefit. If you suspect you already have a disease, you must opt for STD testing sooner rather than later. Like other underlying health conditions, STDs can compromise your immunity. It can make you an easy target for the virus. Timely diagnosis and proper treatment can help you deal with the problem early and stay at your healthiest best. 

Go the extra mile with self-care

A proactive approach to self-care is another measure worth embracing amid the pandemic. Experts recommend that you must listen to your body and watch out for the slightest symptoms if something seems amiss. Those dealing with chronic health issues must stay in close touch with a healthcare provider. Proactive monitoring and maintenance of current conditions is a part of a self-care plan. Stay regular with a fitness initiative, embrace healthy living, and focus on the positive things in life. A little extra effort with self-care goes a long way in making life easier amid these stressful times.

Stay connected 

While staying connected may seem like a less important part of healthy living, it matters as much as any other measure. Social isolation can take a toll on well-being, but keeping in touch with your loved ones can make a difference. It helps you and your family, friends, and colleagues. The good thing is that virtual connections make it possible, and there are plenty of ways to stay close despite the distance. Text and call your loved ones regularly, and have video get-togethers with them when possible. Visit your parents and friends, and lend a helping hand to people in need. A little goes a long way, so show your compassion and care with regular interactions.

See a therapist

There is no denying that the new normal is perhaps the most challenging phase in everyone's lives. Concerns go beyond the physical risk of catching the virus. You have a lot more to deal with, from financial issues to fear of isolation, relationship problems, and WFH stress. Talking to friends and family members helps, but it may not be enough. Don't shy away from seeking help from a therapist because these professionals can offer genuine support. Discuss your fears and apprehensions without hesitation, and they will help you deal with them. 

Nothing matters more than good health right now because it can keep you safe from the virus and unnecessary hospital visits. You can do a bit for securing physical, mental, emotional, and sexual well-being. Although it will require some work, every effort is worth making when good health is at stake. Just follow these expert-backed tips, and you will have one thing less to worry about during these tough times. 

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