Uma Thurman Reveals Dark Secret in Her Teens to Denounce Texas Abortion Law

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Uma Thurman has written a personal piece detailing a dark secret in her life to make a point about the highly controversial Texas abortion law.

The 51-year-old actress confessed via The Washington Post that she got pregnant as a teenager who was just starting her acting career. After discussing her predicament with her parents, she decided to go through an abortion that set her on a "path to the life full of joy and love."

Thurman said that her need for abortion still brings sadness and anguish, but the choice allowed her to become "the mother I wanted and needed to be" instead of proceeding with early pregnancy. It's for this reason that she's denouncing the Texas abortion law, which took effect on September 1, and said that this is a human rights crisis for women. 

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'Have Courage'

The "Kill Bill" star emphasized that she has no regrets about terminating her teen pregnancy, especially after becoming a mom to Maya and Levon, with ex-husband Ethan Hawke, and Luna, with ex-partner Arpad Busson.

Thurman also addressed the women of Texas to have courage amid the risk of trauma or shame from bounty hunters who could report them to authorities. The actress said that women of America are outraged by the new law that takes their rights to make calls about their health and their body.

The Texas abortion law or Senate Bill 8 (SB8) has been dubbed the most restrictive in the country as it strips women of the right to have an abortion after the sixth week of pregnancy when most women learn that they are with a child. The law also doesn't allow for exemptions even if the pregnancy happened because of rape or incest.

Anyone knowledgeable of a woman who had an abortion in Texas could file a case and include those who helped her get the procedure. Private citizens may sue the woman, the doctor, the workers of the abortion clinic, or the driver who brought the woman to the facility if they suspect an illegal procedure. Those who sue could gain a windfall of $10,000 or higher.  

According to Thurman, data from Guttmacher Institute showed that over 70 percent of abortions in Texas in 2019 were given to women of color or the economically disadvantaged. She said that she is grief-stricken that marginalized sectors are once again denied the choice when they do not have the capacity to care for a baby.

First Lawsuit

Meanwhile, a doctor in San Antonio could be slapped with the first lawsuit defying the Texas abortion law. Dr. Alan Braid also wrote an op-ed piece on The Washington Post to confess that he performed an abortion, which will likely test the law's unconstitutionality after the law took effect. 

The Center for Reproductive Rights has promised to represent Braid in court, and its representatives pledged to defend the doctor against the "vigilante lawsuits" that this restrictive law has unleashed. However, an anti-abortion group called Texas Right to Life is also preparing to bring those liable to the court. They even set up a tip page online for suspected abortions. 

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