Timeless Tips to Keeping Family Ties Intact

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Have you ever wondered why families managed to stay together back in the old days, yet today, over 50% of all marriages end in divorce? If you have, then maybe you've thought about what changed since the 1970s when divorces started becoming increasingly prevalent in the US.  Whether you're curious about what makes a marriage work, or sincerely wanting tips to keep a family together, read on for insights and suggestions about creating a happy home.

What Happened? Thoughts on Families Faltering Over Time

In some realms of thought, the decline of the family unit is blamed on overly hectic lives. It's true that too much hustle 'n bustle can preoccupy busy parents leading to a breakdown of family ties. However, couples were just as busy building careers, making families, and living life in the 20th century (and prior) as they are today. Perhaps how people were busy creating lives was different in the past compared to the technology age of today. But life certainly wasn't easier back then versus a life lived today, that's for sure.

There are others who believe the collapse of a family unit boils down to losing sight of good old-fashioned family values. There may be some truth to this. When families started opting for TV time instead of family mealtime, the structure of relationships took a notable turn for the worse. Alternatively, more couples and families today report that focusing on solid, tried-and-true principles have helped relationships endure challenges we all face in this modern era.

Old Fashioned Tips to Unite the Family

Whatever the cause of family demise or divorce may be, there are solid solutions for keeping marital bonds intact and strengthening family ties. Here are a few old-school, time-tested tips for maintaining a happy home.

Bring Back Family Mealtime: It doesn't matter if you have a household of 20 or it's just you and your partner, sharing a meal builds relationships. There's something about gathering around and breaking bread at the dinner table that encourages conversation and helps keep a family unit solid.  Set aside at least one night a week for family mealtime when you and your loved ones can connect, share, and enjoy each other's company.

Communication is a Gift:  It's odd that the simplest tool we have to keep marriages and families together is often the most challenging.  Communication is the key to understanding our partners, children, parents, siblings, etc.  However, too often we struggle to communicate effectively with each other.  If you and your partner are having issues, then it might be time to seek marriage counseling online to mend fences and open up healthy discussions.  Furthermore, if your whole family is going through an edgy spell, seek counsel or therapy to loosen tongues and get everybody communicating in healthy ways.

Put the Brakes on Screen Time:  Technology has the power to unite families and strengthen bonds, especially if your family members are strewn around the world. However, too much time spent in front of the computer, cell phone, or gaming consoles can crush family unity.  Think about restricting screen time for your family members so you can have more quality time with each other.  The old adage, "A family that plays together stays together" is as true today as it was in yesteryears.  So, explore different options to engage with your clan that don't involve digital distractions.

If You Can't Say Anything Nice: Some of our forebears might recommend not saying anything at all.  These days, we have a myriad of avenues to express our opinions and shout out our qualms to everybody on the planet. But at the end of the day, sometimes silence is golden.  Consider holding your family to "time-out's" when discussions get heated. This might prevent harmful words spoken.  Sometimes it's best to keep our mouths shut if we can't think of anything supportive to say. Ultimately, learning when and what to say to improve family communication can make all the difference in keeping family ties intact. 

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes:  One of the best old-school tactics to keep families intact is understanding the struggle members might be going through. Every family is rife with various personalities, age groups, and dispositions.  It's worthwhile to acknowledge the plight of your partner, children, and family members in order to extend compassion in individual situations.

The Last Word on Keeping Family Ties Intact

The current reality is that we live in a complicated world. That means our relationships may be influenced by hectic lifestyles or crushed by factors that thwart amicable relations.  But that doesn't have to undo the lovely bonds we share with family.

These simple steps to be patient, listen, and communicate should help you strengthen the fellowship with your partner and family members. Invest the time to develop and coax the best from your loved ones.  Doing so will make dynamic improvements in strengthening relationships and enhancing long-term family ties. 

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