'Squid Game' Star Park Hae Soo Welcomes New Baby; Experts Chime in on His Popular Show's PG Rating

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"Squid Game" actor Park Hae Soo, 39, is a new father to a son with his non-celebrity wife of three years. The conflicted character in the most streamed show on Netflix worldwide has been relishing in the success of the series and the birth of his first-born child.

Park's agency, BH Entertainment, confirmed that he and his wife recently welcomed their son, but details surrounding the birth have not been released to the public. In one interview, the actor also said that he is grateful for the messages of congratulations from people around the world who have seen "Squid Game" and have learned of his new baby's birth.

In 2018, Park announced that he was marrying a woman he met through mutual friends after dating for a year. Not much is known about his wife as she's not in the acting business, and the couple prefers to keep their marital life private.

However, Korean Times reported that the girl is six years younger than the actor. Their wedding was a very private affair as well, with some of his long-time friends in the local entertainment business as guests.

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Who is Park Hae Soo?

Park played Cho Sang-woo or player 218 in "Squid Game," who was very gifted as a student but became wanted by the police for stealing money from his clients at an investment securities company. Cho Sang-woo's character was fueled by greed and transformed into the villain at the end of the series.

Though most Netflix viewers, especially in the Western countries, only got to know of Park due to the success of "Squid Game," he has been a prominent personality in South Korea's showbiz industry for some time. The actor is best known for "Prison Playbook," "Legend of the Blue Sea," and "Memories of Alhambra."

Park will be working on the South Korean adaptation of Spain's "Money Heist" for his next Netflix project. He has landed the role of Berlin, who is also another conflicted, villainous character.

Parents' Guide on "Squid Games"

Netflix boss Ted Sarandos said that "Squid Game" has captured the world as its most popular program on the platform, beating all other productions, including the Hollywood shows with its massive international stars. However, parents need to know that the series has a 15 rating, which means parental guidance will be necessary for younger viewers since it has themes like sex, violence, murder, gambling, and drug use.

Parents on Common Sense Media compared the show to a more violent "Hunger Games." One parent said he would let his children watch the program when they are 35 years old already. Another parent said that "Squid Game" seems to exploit mindless violence, while a mom said they watched with their 17-year-old son and fast-forwarded to the gory scenes. She had to talk to her teenager after viewing the series.

Psychologist Teodora Pavkovic advised against banning kids from watching "Squid Game" or its memes and content on social media as it trends worldwide. Instead, the expert encouraged parents to have more conversations about what they saw and emphasize behaving appropriately because violent content is accessible everywhere, not just on Netflix or this show.

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