George Clooney Teaches His Twins How to Prank, Wife Amal Says

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According to his wife, Amal Clooney, George Clooney is passing on his relentless and mischievous prankster antics to his four-year-old twin kids, Ella and Alexander.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Amal said that her husband had been a "great" teacher to their toddlers during the lockdown. However, the international lawyer quipped that George has been "mainly teaching pranks" to their children.

George joked that those skills could pay off when the right time comes, but he also said that the pandemic lockdowns were not as hard on Ella and Alexander as others might think. Since his kids were only two and a half when the global health crisis started, the father said they weren't missing out much from the world outside.

"I didn't have to teach them trigonometry at home," the 60-year-old dad said.

On the other hand, Amal said that she is lucky to have a supportive husband as she mainly worked from home on her legal cases while the courts shifted online.

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Shocking their Mother

George told People that he enjoys teaching Ella and Alexander things "that shock their mother." His daughter didn't like the pranks at first, but she is slowly catching up when she saw that Alexander was having so much fun pulling pranks around their house.

Sources said that the Hollywood superstar is such a fun father and so adored by his kids. During the lockdown, the family got to prioritize time together since they couldn't travel often.

Amal said that the family would move around a lot before the lockdowns because she has her job mainly in London, while George has his career in Hollywood. The family also spends a lot of time in their villa in Lake Como, Italy.

However, in the last two years, the couple was parked pretty much in Los Angeles because of the travel bans. George and Amal took turns changing diapers, washing the dishes, and playing in their outdoor backyard with the twins.

In an interview with "Good Morning America," the award-winning actor and director joked that he got into drinking to survive the quarantine with two very active toddlers. But jokes aside, George said that the pandemic allowed him to start his day with his kids and put them to bed at night.

Returning to Italy

Meanwhile, in July, George and his family finally traveled back to Lake Como after almost two years. While there, the actor helped in the recovery and rebuilding efforts as part of the island suffered from a devastating flood and landslide.

According to the Insider, George toured around the village near his home and inspected some damaged houses. He also helped the residents clean up since mud and debris were all over the ground. 

In a statement, the actor said that it was a miracle nobody in their area died, and he was confident that their town would bounce back because of the leadership of Mayor Roberto Pozzi. The Clooney family's Italian villa was spared from any damage.

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