Adele Explains Divorce to Her Son, Angelo, With New Heartbreaking Song

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Grammy-winning singer Adele will be releasing a new album that has captured the heartache of her divorce from ex-husband Simon Konecki, the father of her nine-year-old son, Angelo.

In an interview with Vogue, Adele revealed that their divorce was finalized in early 2021, after two years of separation. But the end of her marriage to Konecki left Angelo with many questions, specifically about why his mother no longer loved his father. Adele said that much of the lyrics of her new songs were drawn from these moments with her son.

"[Angelo] has so many simple questions for me that I can't answer because I don't know the answer," Adele explained.

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No Fights Between Adele and Simon

Adele said that Angelo was having difficulty processing the divorce because he never saw his parents fight. The singer said that she and her ex kept their separation to themselves for "a very long time" because there is a child involved in their relationship. She agreed that there were no disappointing and frustrating major events in their marriage leading to divorce, but they both were unhappy in the relationship.

As Angelo's father, Adele said that she still trusts Konecki with her son's life because he remains "the perfect person to have my child with." Konecki still lives in the same neighborhood as Adele and Angelo since there is no animosity between the ex-couple.

In 2020, a friend confirmed to People that the ex-couple are co-parenting well, especially during the pandemic. Adele enjoyed cooking and helping Angelo with his schoolwork while the boy's dad was within an arm's reach next door.

The singer admitted that she has some guilt about the divorce because she knows it's hurting Angelo. Adele is also a child of divorce, so she knows the trauma of broken relationships in children. However, she also said that if her son sees that both parents are happy, despite their divorce, then she would be able to forgive herself for making the life-changing decision to end her marriage.

Discussions With Angelo

Because Adele has been dealing with anxiety all her life, her therapist advised her to record her conversations with her son. This way, she could remember what she told Angelo to help each other process their feelings.

As Angelo gets older, he is also starting to realize that his mother is not an ordinary person. Adele revealed that some girls asked him out of nowhere one time about his mother, and he felt that fans were bullying him. Adele had to coach her son to talk to people in a nice but nonchalant way.

Meanwhile, Adele had reconnected with her estranged father before he died. She said that, contrary to reports, they both said their peace and was in contact via Zoom before his death. Her father was one of the first people to hear her new album.

"I found the peace to forgive him," Adele said. "He was ready to go and he lasted a long time with it." 

Adele's new song, "Easy on Me," is expected to drop on October 15.

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