Zelda Williams Asking People to Stop Sending Her the Robin Williams Impersonation Video by Jamie Costa

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Zelda Williams, the daughter of the late comedian Robin Williams, has asked the public to stop sending her the link to the video of Jamie Costa, who impersonated her famous father.

The 32-year-old actress tweeted that fans had been spamming her with the impression that she had already seen. It shows Costa re-enacting a five-minute scene from "Mork & Mindy," Robin's popular '80s TV show, wherein he was interrupted with the sad news of his best friend John Belushi's death. 

While Zelda said she doesn't have anything against Costa, she felt weird that people asked her to watch the impersonator's test footage. The actress said that Belushi's death was one of her dad's saddest days

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Privately Mourning Her Dad

Zelda's plea to the fans received over 20,000 likes, with some people telling her that she's handling the situation well. She used to take Twitter breaks around the anniversary of her father's death because she would always be bombarded with messages from his fans. Preferring to remember him privately, Zelda said that she doesn't really know what to do during her father's death anniversary.

Following a brief battle with dementia, Robin died by suicide in 2014 when Zelda was 25 years old. In the years since losing her father, Zelda had been vocal about her experiences on social media.

In an interview with People, Zelda said she is grateful for the fans who continued to love her dad even if he's gone. However, his death was still hard on her, especially when the fans expected her to respond or publicly acknowledge the anniversary.

Aside from Zelda, Robin has two other children, Zachary, his eldest, and Cody, the youngest. After two failed marriages, he signed a prenup agreement with his third and last wife, Susan Schneider, in 2011, but he left most of his fortune to his three children.

Fans Hail Costa's Impression

Meanwhile, Costa's impression of the famous comedian had fans clamoring for a biopic. They commended Costa for his uncanny resemblance to the late star in his younger years.

"He sounds like him and has his mannerisms and expressions down, that's so freaking impressive," one fan tweeted. "This is absolutely incredible. Make this full length movie and hire this man NOW!" another fan said.

However, it's unclear if there is an existing project about Robin's life, but it's not the first time Costa had done a video impersonating Robin. He had released other clips where he copied the actor even before Robin died. As an actor, Costa had mostly done fan films and animated shows. He also voiced for video games and made impressions of Jack Nicholson and Harrison Ford, among other famous people.

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