Gabby Petito Saga: Florida Woman Sues Father of Brian Laundrie for $40

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A Florida woman filed a $40-lawsuit against the father of Brian Laundrie, who has been named a person of interest in the murder of Gabby Petito.

Andra Griffin, a resident of Bradenton, sued Christopher Laundrie for the cost of a sign that he allegedly "stole" from protestors. The Florida woman said she made the sign to join a peaceful demonstration in front of the Laundrie family's home in North Port to "break the silence" surrounding Petito's death.

According to the lawsuit, Christopher came out of his house on the morning of October 16 to take out Griffin's sign on his front lawn. Griffin included photos of Christopher in the act but his lawyer, Steven Bertolino, said that the sign was on the family's property and was technically "litter."

Bertolino also noted that the family had been harassed with lawsuits from protestors since the confirmation of Petito's murder. Griffin admitted that the lawsuits are indeed part of the strategy to force Brian's parents to speak of what they know about their son's involvement in Petito's death.

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Intention to "Drive the Laundries" Nuts

Griffin also said that she is suing Christopher for just $40 to "drive the Laundries a little nuts." She and her fellow activists made sure that the signs they placed were not, in fact, on Laundrie property.

The group said they are going after Brian's parents because they know that Christopher and Roberta are "wholly involved" in their son's evasion of law enforcement. However, Bertolino has insisted that his clients do not know where their son fled after the investigation into Petito's case was started.

Brian last told his parents that he was going to the Carlton Reserve days after Petito's family reported her missing. Despite a search, the police found no traces of the boyfriend, but they have issued a warrant for his arrest due to bank card fraud.

Allegedly, Brian used Petito's credit cards days after she was supposed to be missing. A few days later, the police discovered her body at the Grand Teton National Forest. The coroner confirmed that Petito died of strangulation.

Human Remains Discovered in Brian's Last Location

Brian's parents have been dodging protesters and reporters parked outside their house for nearly a month, who also follow them around as they do their errands. The press could only speak to their lawyer, but Bertolino also won't comment on the parents' speculations and other issues raised by the media.

On October 20, Christopher and Roberta were on the scene at the Carton Reserve after the authorities discovered human remains and some items, which they believe were Brian's. As of press time, the FBI Tampa's Evidence Response Team said they do not have any definitive answers about this latest discovery, and the team will be working on the site for several days.

"Chris and Roberta will wait for the forensic identification of the human remains before making any additional comments," Bertolino said.

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