Bluey: Parent Lays Down Theory That Popular Cartoon Might Be a Rainbow Baby

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Is the animated dog on the popular children's series, "Bluey," a rainbow baby? One parent came up with an interesting theory on TikTok and explained how the show made a subtle reference to baby loss.

Parents use the term "rainbow baby" for a child born after a miscarriage and TikTok user @world.shaker, whose real name is Vaughn, believes that "Bluey" touched on the sensitive topic in a recent episode. The dad admits he is a fan of the children's series and loves to watch the show with his daughter.

He directed his followers to "Bluey" season 2, episode 16 when siblings Bingo and Bluey did a re-enactment of their parents' lives for Mother's Day. Bingo, pretending to be their mom, Chili, wore a balloon as her baby bump. One scene showed the balloon popping off, and their dad, Bandit, reached out for Chili's hand.

Vaughn noted that Bandit's first reaction was "not to comfort his children but to comfort his wife," which suggested that the mom suffered a miscarriage. While the show's producers have yet to confirm the theory, many of Vaugh's followers also shared their inputs about the episode and the show in general.

One commenter also shared another episode showing Bingo and her dream about outer space, where she saw her mother surrounded by three planets. The fan said that this might be another way to explain that Chili had three babies, but only Bluey, the rainbow baby, and Bingo, the youngest, survived.

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'Making Parents Feel Seen'

In an interview with Yahoo Life, Vaughn said that he doesn't have any experiences with miscarriage in his family, but he knows many parents who have been through the ordeal. On TikTok alone, there is a support community of parents who have spoken openly about baby loss, and he has learned from their experience.

It's because of this community that he has appreciated that particular "Bluey" episode. The dad also said that one of the reasons he loves watching "Bluey" is because parents are always included in the story.

"Bluey excels in making parents feel seen when they're struggling," the father said.

A follower also agreed with Vaughn's observation that Bluey is a rainbow baby. The commenter added that while she hasn't suffered a baby loss, that scene also left her a "mess" because of the beautiful way it was handled.

Nigel Jones, another TikTok user who saw Vaugh's now-viral video, also told Yahoo Life that he appreciates "Bluey" more now as a dad who went through baby loss and had a rainbow baby with his wife. He said it's hard to describe the feeling after his wife's miscarriage, but it will always be something they will never forget. This episode on "Bluey" will mean a lot to him and many other couples who lost a baby.

Number One Kids' Show

In April, entertainer and TikTok user Zach Mander also presented a theory about "Bluey." He said that Bandit and Chili are just like any regular parents struggling to make ends meet with their meager incomes. The show has also tackled topics like divorce, death, and bullying in a way that could relate to a child's understanding.

"Bluey" was developed for pre-school kids by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). It started as a five-minute animation that received so much viewership. It is now the number one children's show on Disney+ in the United States.

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