Blake Lively Speaks Out Against Fan Who Violated the Privacy of Her Daughters

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Blake Lively has spoken out against a fan who has created an Instagram page to post paparazzi photos of her three young girls -- James, 6, Inez, 5, and Betty, 2. The 34-year-old mom, who is known for firmly protecting her kids' privacy, said that she was disturbed and disappointed by the activity.

In one of the comments sections of the fan account, the actress could not help but express her disapproval. She wrote that she had personally discussed her issues with the fan before, and they reciprocated with a promise that they would not use the paparazzi photos. However, Lively was surprised to find new pictures of her daughters again.

"This is not casual appreciation," the celebrity mother wrote. "This is YOU also exploiting very young children."

Following Lively's call-out and request for deletion, the fan page removed the photos. On the other hand, the actress expressed her appreciation for the rest of the fans who unfollowed the account.

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Men Stalking Her Kids All Day

Lively has always been clear that she doesn't want the faces of her kids exposed in public, especially if the paparazzi have taken these photos. In another post on social media, the actress said that men stalk her children all day to sell the photos.

She relayed an instance when a stranger exchanged words with the paparazzi, and the altercation left her daughters upset. Lively said that, as parents, she and Reynolds have also tried to talk to the photographers calmly, but they "would run away" and then surprise them on the next block with a quick snap.

Lively questioned the "morality" of the actions of the paparazzi, especially when it's a threat to the safety of her children. She believes that fans and tabloids who subscribe to paparazzi photos fuel the need for these men to "hide and hunt children."

No Kids Photo Policy

Lively and Reynolds are not the only celebrity parents with a "No Kids Photo" policy. Kristen Bell and her husband Dax Shepard are also against paparazzi shots and posting photos of their kids on their social media accounts. Ashton Kutcher said it would be up to his kids with Mila Kunis to choose a public life online when they are older, but as they are still minors, he won't be posting photos of his kids on his Instagram.

Eve Mendes also said she wouldn't post photos of her daughters Esmeralda, 5, and Amada, 4, until they are old enough to express their consent openly. The celebrity mom said they have to respect the boundaries for their kids, who did not choose to have parents in the public eye.

New mom Gigi Hadid also doesn't welcome "paparazzi frenzies" and has been protecting her daughter from the stalkers. In July, the model wrote a lengthy plea on Twitter asking fans to blur her daughter's face from paparazzi shots if they cannot refrain from posting Khai's images.

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