Florida Mom Has 3 Daughters Born on the Same Date 3 Years Apart

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A Florida mom has baffled family, friends, and even hospital workers because she gave birth on the same day, August 25, to three girls at exactly three years apart for each delivery.

In 2015, Kristin Lammert spent August 25 inside the delivery room to give birth to her first baby, Sophia. When Sophia turned three years old, she celebrated her birthday at the hospital because her mom was in the delivery room again, giving birth to Giuliana.

When Giuliana was three and Sophia was six years old on August 25, 2021, the girls celebrated their birthdays with their new sister, Mia. The Florida mom told CNN that the births of her daughters were "kind of like freaky fate."

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Extremely Rare Births

Statisticians might not be able to calculate the exact odds of these extremely rare births, according to Dr. Christine Greves of the Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Hospital. However, there is a Guinness record holder for a family with five siblings with the same birthday in the U.S. listed as a "one in a 17 billion chance" in 1977.

The expert also noted that only five percent of babies are actually born on their due dates. Lammert told Today that Sophia was born two weeks past her due date while Giuliana arrived sooner as she was supposed to be due on August 29. However, the doctors decided to induce her second baby's birth a few days earlier because of the Florida mom's elevated blood pressure.

Meanwhile, doctors closely monitored Lammert's third pregnancy because she was a COVID-19 survivor and could likely suffer complications. While Mia was due in early September, the doctors anticipated that Lammert could give birth earlier as she had preeclampsia. Upon checking on the calendar, Lammert and her husband, Nick, realized that their third baby could arrive on August 25 - and she did!

Special Joint Birthdays

Lammert said that her eldest daughter thinks it "very special" to have the same birthday as her sisters. Sophia loves that she could have joint birthday parties with Giuliana and Mia for the rest of their lives.

However, this year, Sophia and Giuliana could not celebrate their birthday at the hospital with their new sister due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Instead, the family had a virtual birthday party.

The Florida mom said that the only thing they planned for the pregnancy was to have their children spaced out three years apart. They also made sure to have their first baby's birth in August because it was the summer between many holidays in the U.S.

Lammert also said that her doctors didn't plan to induce the births of Giuliana and Mia on the exact date as Sophia's because it "sounded cool." The mom views the odd coincidence as a divine intervention that she still cannot believe its uniqueness every time she looks at the girls' birth certificates.

Today, the Florida mom said they are very conscious of the numbers 3, 8, and 25 popping up in their daily activities.

"They're not really significant things that are happening, but it just pops up everywhere," she told CNN.

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