Mom With 21 Biological Babies Through Surrogacy Shares How She Manages Her Busy Home

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Mom Kristina Ozturk, 24, considers herself quite the hands-on mother towards her children but having 21 biological babies through surrogacy means that she needs all the extra help she can get from a team of nannies.

During a Q & A on her popular Instagram page, the mom from Russia detailed how their household manages with the babies, whom she and billionaire husband, Galip Ozturk, 57, welcomed between March 2020 to July 2021. Kristina said that she and Galip make it a point to bond with every child because "this is the most important thing in life."

The young mom said that mealtimes would be their most hectic schedule so she and Galip do not eat with the children during the weekdays. Family meals are done over the weekend and Sundays are sacred for Kristina.

"Sunday is a day off on the blog so that we can be just a family without prying eyes," the mom said.

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How Kristina's Nannies Work

Kristina has a total of 16 live-in nannies for her 21 babies and they work on a rolling schedule every four days. The nannies' bedrooms are near the children's wing where there is a separate kitchen so the help can prepare or order food.

The mom said that there is no particular nanny assigned to a specific baby but a specific person is responsible for one or two children during the day. Things change up every weekend and Kristina supervises everything.

The babies go through 53 packs of formula milk and 20 large packs of diapers every week. The babies share wardrobes and some share bedrooms as well but the couple plan on expanding their house as the children grow up. The Ozturk family lives in a three-storey mansion.

As for spending quality time with the kids, Kristina said that she definitely plays with them and takes them out for park runs on double prams. She is with her children every single day, as many moms who stay at home normally do, and the only difference is she has more children to look after.

Kristina loves that every day is different with such a big family so her days are "never boring." She admits she does not get enough sleep but doesn't regret this because it's her choice to have many children. The mom advised her followers not to use surrogacy if that's not what they want.

The Ozturk Babies

Kristina and Galip's babies are Mustafa, 19 months, Mariam, 18 months, Ayrin, 18 months; Alisa, 18 months, Hasan, 17 months, Judi, 17 months, Harper, 16 months, Teresa, 16 months Huseyin, 16 months, Anna, 15 months, Isabella, 15 months, Ismail, 14 months, Mehmet, 14 months, Ahmet 14 months, Ali, 13 months, Kristina, 13 months, Sara, one year old, Lokman, one year old, Galip, 11 months, Olivia, nine months, and Judy, three months.

Some of the kids are twins or triplets. The Ozturk couple spent $195,500 for the surrogacy because it's been their dream to have a large family.

"Our surrogacy clinic is amazed but happy to help us with our dream of a big family," Kristina told Fabulous, adding that they might still have more children in the future.

Kristina has one other child, Victoria, 6 years old, whom she gave birth to before she met her husband. Galip, on other hand, has nine older children from previous relationships. One of his kids live with them, which means that the Ozturk have a total of 23 children in the house but Kristina said her favorite baby is none other than her husband.

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