Mariah Carey Sells Her Mother's Old House in Messy Legal Fight With Siblings

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Mariah Carey has sold the old house of her 84-year-old mother, Patricia Carey, who is now staying in an upscale assisted living facility in Florida for nearly a year.

Sources said that Mariah made a profit from Patricia's upscale and secluded New York home, which was bought by a new owner for $757,444 in early October. The house's original asking price was around $550,000. 

Mariah bought the property in 1994 as a gift to her mother following her chart-topping success as a celebrated pop singer. While Patricia loved the house for nearly 30 years, Mariah apparently relocated her to West Palm Beach, Florida, in a facility with nurses that could look after her 24/7, in 2020.

The hitmaker then put the New York house on the market in June 2021, while friends of Patricia were shocked to learn that she has moved away.

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Patricia and Mariah Carey's Complicated Relationship

In her memoir "The Meaning of Mariah Carey," Mariah revealed that she has a complicated relationship with her mother and the rest of her family. Patricia, who used to be a vocal coach and an opera singer, grew distant from Mariah because of an incident in 2001.

Apparently, the mother called 911 while Mariah had a nervous breakdown because her movie, "Glitter," failed at the box office. A source said that Mariah was not at any risk but Pat was "jealous and mean-spirited." She wanted to further bring her daughter down, so she called 911 to instigate that Mariah was mentally vulnerable. The 911 call happened in the very same New York house, where Mariah also hid from the public after she was released from the hospital for her nervous breakdown. 

Meanwhile, Mariah's sister, Alison Carey, and brother, Morgan Carey, have filed lawsuits against the singer for allegedly defaming their reputation and causing emotional distress because of what was detailed in her book.

Morgan, who was painted as "violent and manipulative," said that Mariah made up many lies in her memoir, which has caused some serious damage to his business and personal relationships. The older Carey sibling said that he was not asked to verify the stories, including a chapter that stated he fought with their father, Alfred Roy Carey, and the police were involved.

Alison, on the other hand, also said no one verified the book's content to her as well. She said that she did not throw boiling water at Mariah nor attempted to hook and pimp her sister out.

Inspiring Troubled Youth

In the lawsuit, Mariah claimed that she revealed her sad childhood and family life to inspire troubled young people. However, Morgan said her sister could have written about their family's health struggles, such as his epilepsy and cerebral palsy, or Alison's HIV battle if she wanted to help young kids.

Morgan said that none of these were in Mariah's memoir because her agenda was to hurt her family. Prior to writing the memoir, the singer was a guest on Oprah Winfrey's talk show and accused her family of drawing the first blood so they are in this mess, according to Page Six.

Both lawsuits with her siblings are still pending in court.

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