California History Teacher in Hot Water After Student Filmed Her Lecture About Hunter Biden, Other Conspiracy Theories

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A California history teacher has been the subject of a disciplinary investigation after her rant about Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden's son, and other conspiracy theories were caught on camera by one of her students.

Officials at the Anacapa Middle School in Ventura told CBS Los Angeles that the history teacher has been under a progressive discipline policy, in accordance with the teacher's union, for her recorded politically-charged statements in class.

Mom Sarah Silikula said that it was her son who took the video upon her instructions. Silikula revealed to CBS Los Angeles that her son, who is in 8th grade, had expressed discomfort about his teacher's lessons, so the mother told him to videotape the class.

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Hunter Biden, Child Pornography and Stolen Babies

In the video, the teacher was heard telling her class that Biden's son has been funneling money from his illegal deals with China and Ukraine. The teacher also believed that Hunter was into child pornography and had been having sexual relations with his own niece.

The teacher also told her students that newborn babies in hospitals are being stolen from unvaccinated parents. Silikula said that her son came home very upset after school and told her that he would not get any vaccine of any kind anymore.

The mother reviewed the video taken by her son and watched the teacher going on about the 2020 presidential elections as well, where she implied that Donald Trump is still the president. A teacher's assistant was heard on the video asking the history teacher to hold off political discussions with the kids.

Most of the teacher's rants were the same conspiracy theories proliferated by QAnon, a far-right movement. In August, a dad killed his children because he believed the QAnon conspiracy theories that his kids had serpent DNA and could turn into monsters.

Silikula said her son is quite "confused and damaged" by what he learned in history class since teachers are supposed to "know everything." The mother has also grown worried because her son no longer trusts his parents.

Alerting the School

Silikula has refused to send her son to school, but she alerted Anacapa Middle School of the video. Mayra Vega Manriquez, the school principal, informed her that their investigations into the unnamed teacher, who has not yet been charged with any crime, will take at least two weeks.

However, when Silikula did not hear back from the school authorities, she went public with what happened in her son's class, saying it upsets her that other parents are not aware that this has been going on in school. Meanwhile, Manriquez noted that the entire class is now under a different history teacher, but Silikula believes this action is not enough.

"Whatever anybody's political belief is, I respect. It's their belief," the mother said. "Don't impose it on my child who I trusted in your care."

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