Teenager Suffers Burns For Doing the 'Squid Game' Dalgona Candy TikTok Challenge, Hospital Warns Parents

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A hospital has issued a warning to parents about the popular "Squid Game" Dalgona Candy TikTok Challenge after an uptick of burn incidents involving the kids.

The Children's Hospital in Westmead, Australia released an injury report from the burn unit, where 14-year-old Aiden suffered third-degree burns for handling melting sugar to make the honeycomb candies featured in the popular Netflix series. Doctors said parents must "closely supervise" their kids, including teenagers, and become familiar with first aid for burns as Aiden is not the only one who had the same experience after joining the challenge.

Due to Aiden's deep burns, he will need year-long treatment to his leg and hands. He has been visiting the hospital every week for his bandage dressing change and his burn checks.

His mother, Helena, said that her son was simply making honeycomb for the "Squid Game" Dalgona Candy TikTok Challenge and they did not realize there could be serious consequences.

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What is the "Squid Game" Dalgona Candy TikTok Challenge

According to Insider, the popular candy, also known as honeycomb toffee, is sold in the streets of South Korea since the 1970s. It was featured in the third episode "Squid Game," the current most popular show in the world.

In the series, players won the game if they successfully took out the carved shapes on the honeycomb without breaking the Dalgona to pieces. Now, TikTokers have been following the same challenge but they have to prepare the candies themselves. As such, Dalgona Candy recipes have surged in popularity on TikTok, gaining more than 20 million views.

After making the candies, the TikTok users follow what they've seen from "Squid Games" and attempt to carve out whatever shapes they've made on the honeycombs using toothpicks or needles. But Erik La Hei, the head of the burn unit at the Children's Hospital in Westmead said some of the kids preparing the candies do not know the danger of mixing a hot and sticky substance.

"If the mixture is spilt or handled while it's still hot, the greater heat and longer contact time cause deeper, more serious burns," La Hei said.

How to Apply First Aid to Dalgona Candy Burns

La Hei said that the first thing to do for burnt skin is to run this in cool water for 20 minutes. They must remove clothing or jewelry as soon as possible because this could still retain heat and deliver more burns.

The National Fire Protection Association, on the other hand, reminded people to use potholders or dry oven mitts when handling hot cookers. They must also wear protective shoes and clothes in case the pot gets knocked over as the heat from the melted sugar could scald and burn the skin. Medical assistance must be immediately sought, especially if the area affected are the face, hand, foot, genitals, and joints.

Meanwhile, Netflix said that "Squid Game" is supposed to be for viewers above 18 years old. They advised parents to use the parental controls in the platform's features if they want their younger kids not to have access to the series.

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