Florida Student Could Repeat 2nd Grade After Her 36 Suspensions for Disobeying the School Mask Mandate

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A Florida student who has been suspended 36 times for refusing to comply with the school mask mandate may have to repeat the second grade due to her absences.

At the start of the new school season in Palm Beach County on August 31, Fiona Lashells, 8, was asked to have lunch in silence in the school's hallways because she does not wear a mask. Since then, she has received various disciplinary sanctions for breaking the school mask mandate, including suspensions in-school and out of the school.

Mom Bailey Lashells said that her daughter "fearlessly returns to school" after the third day of her suspension and believes that each sanction she gets would be the last. However, the school recently informed Bailey through a letter that her daughter has incurred a second-degree misdemeanor for her "excessive absences." 

Thus, the mother has set up a websiteStandupforFiona, to gather support for her daughter. She also included a copy of Fiona's progress report from the school, where she is failing, versus a "success maker" report, where she is doing very well. Despite a teacher telling the mom that Fiona won't be able to catch up and complete second grade, Bailey pointed out that her daughter has been excelling in her school work at home.

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Bacteria-Filled Face Mask

Bailey said that she is very proud of Fiona for "taking back her constitutional rights from the tyrant school board." The mother said that her 8-year-old is also fighting for every American child who has lost their freedom because of the school mask mandate.

The Lashells family strongly believes that a face mask can make a person sick. In a video, Fiona explained that hands that touch a face mask can be dirty and contaminated with hundreds of bacteria, which the person dangerously breathes in.

However, the Mayo Clinic cited on its website that medical professionals have worn face masks countless times without any adverse reactions to their health. There is also no risk of hypoxia, where the body's oxygen level drops down due to the face covering.

The purpose of the face mask is to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Though some people might not be comfortable with it, it has been known to stop the spread of germs from person to person.

A Parent's Decision

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has issued an order banning school mask mandates, reiterating that only parents could decide what's best for their kids when it comes to the face masks. However, eight school districts ditched DeSantis' orders and imposed mask mandates of their own.

Bailey said their problem is not with the wearing of masks but the lack of choices extended to the parents and students. DeSantis also agreed and said that the sanctions against Fiona are not acceptable.

The governor said they are doing the "best way possible" for every child in Florida to have an impactful learning experience. The governor also acknowledged that they've had a number of litigations since banning mask mandates in July but they winning these cases so far.

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