Family Sues Over Travis Scott Astroworld Tragedy as 9-Year-Old Boy Remains in Coma

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The family of Ezra Blount has launched a million-dollar lawsuit against the people behind the Travis Scott Astroworld concert as the nine-year-old boy was one of the dozens of people injured during the crowd surge at the event in Houston.

The boy joined his father, Treston Blount, and aunt, Taylour Blount, to watch Scott at Astroworld, where he was sitting on his father's shoulders when the accident happened. Because of the force of the crowd surge, Treston momentarily passed out and woke up without Ezra next to him since the boy fell to the ground.

The lawsuit stated that his son was "kicked, stepped on and trampled, and nearly crushed to death." While he was brought to the hospital, the doctors had to induce a coma and put Ezra on life support because he has incurred severe damages to his brain, kidney and liver. If he survives these injuries, the nine-year-old will bear the life-long effects of the damages that will impair the quality of his life. 

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Anger Towards Travis Scott Astroworld Concert Organizers

Bernon Blount, Ezra's grandfather, told the New York Post that he is angry because the crowd surge "could have been avoided" and his grandson would have been OK if the right thing was done. The boy was simply at the concert to watch his favorite artist and did not deserve what happened to him. The family said that there have been requests from several people at the concert to stop the show and then 40 minutes later, the mass casualty happened.

The Blount family is suing Scott, Cactus Jack Records, and some employees of NRG Park and Live Nation for gross negligence. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, on the other hand, launched an investigation into why the concert's crowd was not controlled. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott also said that a task force will be established to ensure that this will "never happen again."

Hours following the tragedy, Scott said that he was "absolutely devastated" and he promised to cover the funeral costs of the eight victims, including two teenagers. He also said that he will be offering "further aid" to those who have been impacted by this incident, including mental health therapy. So far, Scott and the Astroworld organizers have been slapped with 40 lawsuits.

Donations for Ezra

Meanwhile, Bethenny Frankel said she will donate $10,000 to Ezra through her BStrong Foundation. The reality TV star posted on social media that she came across a GoFundMe Page for the nine-year-old, asking for help for his medical costs. As of press time, over a thousand people have supported the Blount family's plea.

Frankel said that her foundation has a strong connection to Houston because it was established for the homeless in the city during Hurricane Harvey. She added that they are shifting focus for Ezra because she could not stop thinking about what happened to him and to the other children at the concert.

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