Moms for Liberty to Pay a $500 Reward for Anyone Who Reports Teachers Who Discuss 'Divisive Subjects'

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A group of mothers from New Hampshire is willing to pay a $500 reward for anyone who will report public school teachers who talk about "divisive subjects" in class. Moms for Liberty announced that their organization is willing to give the reward because teaching topics like race, gender or discrimination is a violation of a new state law.

In a post on Twitter, the group promised that those who report teachers, school staff or even parents, who promote such progressive concepts of diversity, will be kept anonymous. Some netizens called the reward the Critical Race Theory Bounty or CRT Bounty.

Critical Race Theory is the framework of discourse observed by activists and scholars that shapes public policies. Both liberals and conservatives heavily debate on this on various platforms, including governance.

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Sununu Signs New Hampshire Law

In June 2021, Gov. Chris Sununu signed the Right to Freedom From Discrimination in Public Workplaces and Education that bans schools from covering topics deemed as divisive. Under the law, a teacher or advocate who promotes the superiority or downplays the inferiority of one group over the other could be subjected to formal complaints or inquiries.

The state government has set up a website for residents to report the violations. However, the questionnaires required to be filled out are not a formal complaint but could serve as the basis to launch an investigation into the educator or advocate. The law also stipulated that the teacher's license could be revoked if proven guilty of indoctrinating the kids on divisive concepts.

Aside from supporting the new law that Sununu signed, Moms of Liberty has also mobilized its members to speak at school boards to oppose the face mask and vaccine mandates in schools. The group is a conservative faction that has over 56,000 members across the U.S.

Rachel Goldsmith, a member from New Hampshire, said that had public schools been doing their job, the law and their bounty would not have been needed. She said told New Hampshire Journal that many parents are tired of how the public schools keep failing the kids and this new law will give educators the incentive to "find and replace bad curriculum."

Not Impeding Due Process

Goldsmith also clarified that Moms for Liberty is not impeding on due process by offering the reward. In fact, they would like to work with the state's Department of Education in handling the complaints.

A spokesperson for Sununu said that they are not endorsing the bounty program or any financial incentives. However, Deb Howes of the Federation of Teachers in New Hampshire said that no teacher talks to kids about the superiority or inferiority of one race or group against the other. She believes that this law was created to "find a problem that doesn't exist." Howes also denounced the bounty as well as the website for reporting violations as it will only create false flags against the teachers.

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