Identical Birthmark on Friend's New Baby Tips Off Wife to Husband's Cheating

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A woman from Arizona has figured out that her husband and friend have been cheating on her because of an identical birthmark on her friend's new baby.

Hailey Custer, who is also a 28-year-old mother four, was heartbroken to discover that her 36-year-old husband, Travis Bowling, was having an affair with a friend she was helping out.

Custer revealed to The Sun that she was quite excited to help out with the birth and did not expect that the baby's arrival would bring a huge secret out in the open. The young mom said that she knew the connection right away when the baby also had the same rare and hereditary birthmark on the neck, just like her husband. She confronted her friend and her husband, who could no longer hide the truth from her.

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Stepping Into the Father Figure Role

The Arizona woman said that she found out about an old friend who was homeless and pregnant so she reached out and offered help. Throughout this period, she did not see any hints that the father of her baby was her husband.

In fact, Custer stepped in and became the father figure role, serving as her friend's birth partner who was committed every step of the way. While her friend was in labor, Custer was even wearing the wrist band that husbands normally wear. She was also one of the first people to hold the baby and give the first bath, according to Daily Mail.

Custer said that she wasn't looking for anything when she noticed the birthmark that "popped out" to her face. The identical birthmark was also similar to one of her children. They call this the "Bowling bump" in her husband's family.

Her friend, who was next to her as she was looking at the baby's birthmark, could tell that she has figured it out.

"She just dropped her head and looked to the floor, and I just knew," Custer said. "There were no words that were said, I just knew."

Her Troubled Life

There were rumors about her philandering husband throughout their married life and he did father two other kids outside of their marriage. Unfortunately, for some years in this marriage, Custer's personal life was also very troubled as a recovering addict. She has been trying to get sober and put her life back on track.

The Arizona mom said that she did not put any malice in the closeness that her husband and her friend shared. Looking back, however, she acknowledged that she was very naive not to see any hints. She divulged the shocking events of her life in a viral video on TikTok.

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Meanwhile, her husband and her friend still lives in the same house with her. In another video, Custer said that she cannot bear to separate her kids from her friend's baby since this was their blood sibling. The mom said she will not be that person who causes any harm to an innocent baby.

While she remains friends with the woman who had an affair with her husband, both have apparently no real relationship with him. Bowling is also battling addiction and has refused to accept the baby as his. Custer, on the other hand, said that she has forgiven her friend, who was also abused by her ex.

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