Whitney Port Suffers Third Miscarriage Due to ''Unhealthy Pregnancy''

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"The Hills" reality TV star Whitney Port has revealed that she lost the baby she revealed to her followers in early November. After two weeks of announcing that she could be having another "unhealthy pregnancy," Port confirmed her miscarriage in a post on social media.

Sharing the sad message on her Instagram Story, Port said that she and her husband, Tim Rosenman, found out about the baby loss on November 16 after nearly two weeks of monitoring her condition. The TV star said that her doctors wanted to monitor her since she has a history of miscarriages.

Port previously endured two miscarriages and a chemical pregnancy, which means that the fertilized egg did not fully implant inside her uterus. Before her most recent miscarriage, Port was confident about carrying the baby to term, but her doctor informed her on the seventh week of her pregnancy that it could be another "unhealthy" one.  

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No Heartbeat on the 8th Week

The celebrity mom was devasted to learn that her doctor could not hear any heartbeat during her last visit. According to her doctor, a further test revealed that there was no embryo inside her womb, which had a thin yolk sac.

Port said that she and Rosenman had been careful and hopeful with this pregnancy after trying for over a year. The doctor suggested that the couple undergo fertility testing if they still would like to have another child.

Port and Rosenman are parents to a four-year-old boy, Sonny Sanford. The actress said it is "too painful to bear" that she may never have kids again. She said that she cried as the doctor explained the circumstances of the last miscarriage.

The actress said that she's feeling very complicated emotions over the baby loss as she still feels "very, very pregnant." Right now, her confidence and self-worth are severely affected by the thought that she won't be able to "give this family what I think would be the best for it." The mom, however, has Rosenman to lean on, especially after he told her that they would figure out their next plans together.

Whitney Port's Miscarriages

Port experienced her first pregnancy loss in 2019, or two years after giving birth to Sonny. The shock, sadness, and guilt of losing a child still hound her, and she admitted in a post on Instagram that she questioned her identity as a mother because of it.

In one episode of "The Hills: New Beginnings," Port said that the grief of baby loss is "all-consuming," especially in the first few months because it's "all you can think about." However, the mom had a more accepting attitude towards the second miscarriage, which happened in early 2021 and refused to let the anxiety impact their plans of getting pregnant again. She said that as much as she was sad for the baby loss, which she felt had been a girl, she feels she's still in control of her body and will get pregnant again. 

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