Country Singer Mickey Guyton Thanks ICU Doctors Who Treated 9-Month-old Son for Dehydration

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Country singer Mickey Guyton can now breathe a sigh of relief to thank the doctors at the ICU who treated and saved her nine-month-old baby after he suffered from dehydration.

In a post on Instagram, the country singer named "Dr. Grace" and their family physician, Dr. Nathan Ford, for helping and developing a "plan to heal" her son, Grayson Clark, despite the shortage of hospital staffers. The worried mom said that her son is not yet "in the clear," but he is mending from his illness because he is a fighter, and he has these doctors to ensure that his health improves.

Days before, Guyton and her husband, Grant Savoy, rushed to the hospital and sought prayers for her baby's healing from her followers on social media because they did not know what was wrong with him. Later on, the country singer shared that her son had a severe stomach bug that quickly worsened his condition, but the baby didn't have to stay long in the intensive care unit.

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Guyton Performs at the AMA

Guyton was confident with the medical care given to her son that she was able to perform at the American Music Awards on November 22 while Grayson remained at the hospital. The singer belted out the emotional song "Remember Her Name," from her debut album.

In an interview early this year, the mom revealed that she wrote "Remember Her Name" while "very, very pregnant" with Grayson during the pandemic. Funnily enough, she said that she could not record the song well while her son was in her belly because she had no room left. She had to come back to the studio without eating food to complete the recording the next day.

Guyton and Savoy welcomed their first child in February 2021 after nearly four years of marriage. Though she previously said that motherhood terrifies her, the singing superstar has high hopes for her son's future and promises to support Grayson in his choices.

Spotting Dehydration in Babies

Meanwhile, according to What to Expect, babies' bodies can't store fluids enough to prevent dehydration because they are too small. Thus, parents or carers need to watch out for the signs of dehydration to keep their health in check.

If babies do not get regular feedings or remain in a stuffy room with high temperatures, they could quickly lose fluids in their bodies and start sweating, vomiting, or experiencing diarrhea. A virus, bug, or the occasional flu and colds can easily trigger a baby's dehydration. To prevent this from happening, parents should ensure that their child is up-to-date on the immunizations.

Parents should check their baby's number of diaper changes within 24 hours, which should average at least six wet or soiled diapers. The baby's urine shouldn't appear with a dark tinge of yellow as well.

In some cases, dehydration in infants may indicate tearless crying and sunken eyes. The baby will also appear listless, extra fussy while fighting sleep, or have dry lips, eyes, and mouth. If any of these indications occur, it's best to call the doctor for medical advice or go to the emergency room immediately for the best course of treatments.

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