Halloween 2015 Treat Tips: Here's How to Protect Kids' Dental Health

Around this time every year, parents have to contend with two main questions -- should kids be allowed to enjoy their Halloween candies and will parents spoil the fun if they prevent their children from having the treats?

According to CBC, despite warnings by dentists about cavities, the experts know that they can't stop the children from eating these during Halloween. So instead of being a party pooper, dentists are now suggesting ways to let the kids and their parents their enjoy Halloween treats all the while maintaining their dental health. 

Below are some of the tips parents can keep in mind:

1) Have kids eat a full and healthy meal before heading out for some trick or treating. Kids will full stomachs are less likely to reach into their bag of treats to eat.

2) Insist on a rule with the children, in that they must only eat the candies after these have been sorted at home. Parents remember, you must diligent about the sorting. Keep in mind that not every treat the kids receive should be consumed, some can be donated. Ask your family dentist if they have buyback programs for Halloween and take advantage of this.

 3) When sorting, parents need to keep this in mind: sticky, hard and sour candies are the worst candies to have as these cause more damage to the teeth. These types of candies stick in the groves or may cause the teeth to chip off when biting. Sour candies are especially bad for the teeth's enamel, shared Dr. Terry Alani via ABC 13. She suggested that chocolates are better than other candies since this just melts in the mouth and washes off easily.

4) Let the children enjoy their treats in small quantities at a given time only, and after consuming these, let the children drink water. The fluoride in the water can wash away cavities. "The additional water swishing through your mouth might also help remove some sticky substances from your teeth," wrote Dr. Susan Maples via Mod Bee.

5) Last and definitely not least, there's nothing like brushing teeth after eating candies. Parents need to make sure that kids spend time brushing their teeth before going to bed. For younger children especially, use this time as an opportunity to teach kids about the importance of dental care. Join your kids and brush together and teach them the right way to floss, too. Let the children know that caring for the teeth is important every day, and not just during Halloween. If possible, set a dental appointment after Halloween as a preventive method.

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