'Iron Man 4' Movie Release Date: New Romance For Tony Stark In Comic Book -- Who's The Woman? [Details]

Several fans are looking forward to witnessing the next flight of "Iron Man." Unfortunately, it seems that it will still take years before Marvel released "Iron Man 4." Currently, it seems that the team is still in talks with Robert Downey Jr.

There is no doubt that Downey Jr.'s portrayal of the self-proclaimed genius, billionaire and playboy superhero Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man is among the factors that brought success to the franchise. It would be a big risk for Marvel to take another actor for the role when they know every fan wanted Robert to reprise his role.

Parent Herald previously reported that the delay of "Iron Man 4" production was due to Robert Jr.'s pay hike demands. The actor wanted to receive a fee higher than the $80 million he received from filming "Avengers: Age of Ultron." The "Sherlocke Holmes" star reportedly demanded a $50 million salary increase to reprise his role.

Due to "The Judge" actor's demands, there were talks that he will be replaced with a new and younger actor. According to reports, Ty Simpkins, 13, is set to replace the 49-year-old actor. However, in a separate report from Parent Herald, it is unlikely to happen.

"Despite his impressive resume, it's a stretch to imagine that Marvel Studios believes he has the presence and charisma to replace Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man," Cinema Blend reported.

"Iron Man 3" director Shane Black had already confirmed that Downey Jr. will be reprising his role as the director revealed that the actor will be wearing his old suit in the upcoming flick, Movie News Guide has learned.

Meanwhile, the new "Iron Man" comic book series written by Brian Michael Bendis is set to add a new flame for Stark. Bendis is eyeing Peter Parker's soul mate, Mary Jane Watson to join "Iron Man's" world. However, this move received a mixed reaction from fans, mostly negative, CrossMap shared.

"We were at one of our glorious Marvel publishing retreats and certain characters got brought up, sometimes almost accidentally, and I found out that nobody had anything going on with Mary Jane," Bendis said. "I sat with that for a while and I always go to this place in my head where I [wonder] what the most interesting thing I would like to see that character do now and it fell right into the ideas I was already cooking for Tony Stark."

Bendis teased that the two characters know each other as she lived in Avenger Tower, but he refused to talk more about their relationship. Watson will be joining "Invincible Iron Man" in the December issue. On the other hand, "International Iron Man" will be out in 2016.

At the moment, "Iron Man 4" has no official release date yet but the superhero will appear in "Captain America: Civil War," which will premiere on May 6, 2016.

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