Julia Roberts Kids: Actress Reveals Secrets of Marriage, Talks About Parenting 3 Children

By Rachel Cruz, Parent Herald November 09, 05:30 am

Julia Roberts manages to keep a successful and remarkable acting career on top of being a full-time mother to three kids. However, the actress jokes that managing her household is like being an air traffic controller.

Speaking with E! Online, America's sweetheart revealed that she's always barking orders to her kids, twins Hazel and Finn, 11, and Henry, eight. It's for this reason that the actress has no plans of becoming a director for Hollywood at this point because she's already "directing" her children's lives.

"Come over to my house-that's directing," she told E! "Hey, brush your teeth! Get your uniform, basketball is tomorrow! Get your violin!' I'm like an air traffic controller.'"

Julia is currently busy promoting her latest movie, "Secret in Their Eyes," with Nicole Kidman and Chiwetel Ejiofor. She said that she's fortunate to have shot the film in Los Angeles as she's always able to check with the kids at home. But on top of this movie, she's also doing "Money Monster" and "Mother's Day." The Hollywood superstar admits it's been quite a busy year.

Her kids hardly have any interest in becoming part of the industry just like their parents, though. "They just want to get through fifth grade math," the actress said. "That's all that's on their minds."

"They love playing soccer, my daughter just had her last basketball game yesterday, they won, 21-9, yeah sports!" the actress told Extra TV. The kids also have tons of school work, which the mother of three said is intense for fifth graders.

Meanwhile, Julia credits her husband, cinematographer Danny Moder, for sharing part of the parenting load. "Danny is very much a part of it so there's only one little element gone - I like to think I'm an important element," she told People.

She also gushed over her husband of 13 years. "He's my favorite person on the planet so I love spending time with him and I love his work ethic. His point of view is really valuable to me," she says. The 48-year-old star intimated that kissing each other a lot is their marriage's secret, per Extra TV.

Julia and Danny worked together on "Secret in Their Eyes," which went quite well despite their professional and personal lives mixing. The actress said that she draws a certain sense of security from having Danny on the set with her, which made her work better. She also told Extra TV that they discuss their day at work in the car after filming, but as soon as they are home, it's all about the kids.

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