'Kingdom Hearts 3' Release Date: Nomura Talks About Characters, Square Enix Clarifies Release Date Rumors

The hype about "Kingdom Hearts 3" continues to intensify, which only shows how eager fans are to play the game. There is no doubt that the upcoming title is among the most anticipated games. Out from nowhere reports are coming that the game will be available soon, but one should take those reports with a grain of salt because there's no official release date yet.

On the other hand, earlier this month, several rumors came up claiming that Square Enix will be releasing a new trailer for "Kingdom Hearts 3" alongside the trailer for the new "Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue" on Nov. 3. Unfortunately, the expected trailer did not arrive, Christian Today  reported.

Fans were disappointed, but Square Enix was quick to explain that the trailer release date was a hoax. In an official Square Enix forum, one moderator wrote, "Come on guys you should know better than to trust news reports that don't even have any sources! We never announced that any trailer would be released and in general you should be more cautious about rumours. We also sort of did release an official statement/message."

Many were saddened by the announcement, but at least Square Enix still took the time to explain that the disappointment was no basis. This suggests that fans should be mindful of the reports they take about "Kingdom Hearts 3.

On a separate note, KH13 reported an in-depth peek of an exclusive gathering about "Kingdom Hearts 3" from Famitsu Weekly. The report revealed that series director Tetsuya Nomura was around at the event, he even took the stage and explained the content himself.

He showed an event-exclusive PV of the making of the "Kingdom of Hearts." "During development, we proceed by working on each world, and we're moving into worlds that we cannot, at this moment, show you," Nomura said. "I can't present any new worlds today, so in place of that, I've brought some in-production footage that we normally do not make public."

The footage featured the figure of the Nobody which is also expected to appear in the new "Kingdom of Hearts 3" trailer, but he did not explain it anymore saying, "As to what this Nobody is, I'm sure there are fans who are aware. Is this connected to Marluxia!?"

According to Design&Trend, Marluxia is the 11th member of the Organization XIII that was eventually betrayed by his fellow member, Axel. It's possible that the featured Nobody was created during that conflict.

Nomura stressed that "Kingdom Hearts 3" will have "attraction flows and weapon transformations, and party member coordination is being strengthened." With these features, he is hoping that fans will look forward to it.

Square Enix loves to surprise their fans, but do you think "Kingdom Hearts 3" is coming soon? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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