Parenting Tips: 6 Fun Winter Activities To Do With Kids

By Rachel Cruz, Parent Herald November 18, 04:40 am

The children are mostly cooped inside the house during winter season, which could make them easily bored and inactive. It's at this time that parents are most challenged to come up with exciting activities to keep the children happy, so below are some suggestions on fun winter activities you can do with the kids:

1) Experiment with ice.

Mom Junction suggested to prepare a disposable bowl, several paper cups, salt, water, watercolor and eyedroppers. Fill the paper cups with water ahead of time and freeze this overnight. When you start your experiment with the kids the next day, place the frozen cups on the bowl and then carefully peel it. Mix some watercolor and then slowly dab some of this in the ice using the eyedropper. Then let the children sprinkle salt in the ice and slowly watch this melt. The ice will then turn into colored crystal granules.

2) Do snow sculptures.  

Family Education suggested to prepare a pack of snow, dry clothes and boots, snow shovel, beach shovel, spoon and a spray bottle filled with water. Using the snow shovel, form your snow sculptures' basic shape and then use the smaller beach shovel to refine this. Use the spoon to create more details. Spray once in a while to fortify the snow or make it easier to form. But don't overspray as the water could turn in into slush. You can create snow turtles, geometric shapes or seashells to start.

3) Try snow painting.

Per Artful Parent, you'll need oil pastels, watercolor, watercolor paper and salt. Let the children draw what they want and then paint these using the coloring materials. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle the salt and then let it dry overnight. The artwork will look like snow crystals afterwards.

4) Bake Christmas cookies.

This would be the best time to teach your kids their way around the kitchen by letting them help bake Christmas cookies and other treats. For recipe ideas, check out these 5 healthy Christmas cookie recipes from Latinos Health.

5) Go ice skating or play basketball with a twist.

Most skating rinks are already open, but if you want to avoid the crowd, you can organize a different "skating" activity. You'll need to tie grocery bags on each foot to use as "skates" while attempting to shoot a ball, per Kids Activities.

6) Create a snow graffiti.

You'll need a spray bottle filled with colored water, which may come from watercolor or food coloring. Use the snow as canvas and then spray away, per Parents.

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