'Kingdom Hearts 3' News Update: Utada Hikaru Recording a New Song For The Game? 'Kingdom Hearts: Chi' Offering Clues To 'KH3' [Rumors]

By Czarmecin, Parent Herald December 11, 05:13 am

Several gamers are drooling for the arrival of the anticipated game "Kingdom Hearts 3." However, at the time, the developers are keeping things under wraps and players are left in the dark. Although there were no concrete reports about the title, the game is continuously making headlines online.

The recent scope we have about "Kingdom Hearts 3" is about the person behind the popular game. MoviePilot shared that among the great things in the "Kingdom Hearts" series is its beautiful music. Yoko Shimomura composed most of the sound tracks, but some of the famous songs in the franchise were the work of Japanese American pop star Utada Hikaru.

Hikaru is remarkable in translating her music from Japanese to English. When you listen to her music, you will not think that she is Japanese. Among her music is the popular "Kingdom Hearts" soundtrack "Simple and Clean."

Hikaru decided to put her career on hold in 2010 and focused on her family. New reports suggested that the musician is set to return to her music career in spring 2016 and many gamers are wondering if she will be singing the theme song for "Kingdom Hearts 3."

Fans may love to hear Hikaru's music in "Kingdom Hearts 3." However, at the time, there is still no confirmation if her return would also mean that she is back in the "Kingdom Hearts" series.

Meanwhile, according to Realty Today, fans are still not over debating about the validity of the D23-exclusive "Kingdom Hearts 3" trailer. GamingBolt shared a video discussing the facts about the upcoming game. However, the publication reminded the audience that the opinions expressed in the article are those of the author Aaron Main and should not be attributed to GamingBolt as an organization.

The video suggested that "Kingdom Hearts 3" is developed using Unreal Engine 4, so gamers can expect superb quality graphics. Moreover, the anticipated title might focus on the "Lost Masters."

Per Main, the "Lost Masters" were introduced in the web-based game "Kingdom Hearts: Chi" that is only available to Japan. He mentioned that this game gave away clues about "Kingdom Hearts 3" such as the Keyblade that Master Xehanort uses in the "Kingdom Hearts" series.

He stressed that, since "Kingdom Hearts: Chi" is only available in Japan, gamers from the West might probably be surprised with it. He also mentioned that "Kingdom Hearts 3" will feature the final segment of the Xehanort saga. However, Square Enix assured that the anticipated title would not be the last installment in the "Kingdom Hearts" series.

Main also mentioned that the "Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance" that was released in 2012 was another Easter egg for "Kingdom Hearts 3."

We will see if Main's report is true. "Kingdom Hearts 3" is slated for release in 2016.

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