'Half Life 3' Release Date: Title Won't Support VR, It Will Fatigue Players But 'Half Life 3' Spin Offs Might

Several fans are looking forward to getting their hands on "Half Life 3." The title resurrects and made headlines online after some of its files were found in "Dota 2" update. Unfortunately, Valve remains mum as to the progress of the game.

Despite Valve's action to keep things about "Half Life 3" under wraps, fans still find their way to access the details they wanted to find out. The latest scope about the games suggested that it might not support virtual reality (VR).

According to WCCFtech, Valve executive Ken Birdwell ended the long circulating rumors that the team will announce "Half Life 3" to highlight the power of Steam's own headset. "We're still in that mode of trying to figure out what we do with this. We have endless experiments, and they're neat things, but we still have to figure out how we put this into a narrative," he said.

Birdwell further explained: "How do we pull the player through this immersion? If players actually did all of the actions from Half-Life in VR, they'd be fatigued in five minutes. It doesn't mean we can't use that fiction; we just have to figure out a new way to approach it."

Perhaps, many were hoping that "Half Life 3" would be arriving soon and that it would arrive in time with HTC Vive. In a separate report from WCCFtech, Valve announced in a press release that it collaborated with HTC and they would be unveiling SteamVR as well as Steam Machines at GDC this year.

The report confirmed that Valve's upcoming Virtual Reality headset is the HTC Vive, which is made in collaboration with HTC. The device will be available this holiday 2015.

"Attending real-time concerts, learning history, reliving memories, We believe that virtual reality will totally transform the way that we interact with the world. Virtual reality will become a mainstream technology for the rest of the world," HTC's CEO Peter Chou cited examples of what to expect with Vive.

However, fans should not be disheartened because the report stressed that, if "Half Life 3" will not use the virtual reality headsets, an unnumbered spin-offs might possibly use it.

Per VRFocus, Valve is already using its stable IP to showcase VR's potential. Back at the 2015 Game Developers Conference (GDC) in March, the company unveiled a Portal-based experience set in the Aperture Science Lab utilizing HTC Vive's Room Scale user-tracking and position-tracked controllers.

At the time, no concrete details about "Half Life 3" are confirmed. Parent Herald previously reported that the title is not included in Valve's VR Headset project.

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