'Just Cause 3' Release & Gameplay: New Update Coming This Week, Patch 1.02 To Improve Frame rates, Loading Times -- Full Patch Notes Here!

By Staff Reporter, Parent Herald December 17, 05:30 am

When the video game "Just Cause 3" came out, several fans saw the exciting open-world game as action-packed and very enjoyable.

Many fans loved the game. However, it did not take long enough for them to notice that the game has a slow loading time, apart from other minor issues.

The fans voiced out their frustrations that were clearly heard by the company. The company took the complaints seriously and improvements will be done this week through the new "Just Cause 3" patch 1.02.

According to a report by Tech Times, the game developer, Avalanche Studios, was busy preparing the new patch for "Just Cause 3" that would certainly give improvements to the game's minor glitches including the loading times.

Several fans shared their experiences about the loading problems through forums and expressed their disappointments. If the speculations about the new patch are correct, gamers will now have more time playing the game instead of looking at game screenshots and tool tips while waiting for it to finish loading.

iDigital Times reported that fans can start the download of the patch on Dec 18. Although there is still no confirmation from Avalanche Studios on who gets the new patch first, they are hoping both PS4 and Xbox One patches available come Friday.

The PC version of the patch will also be available the same day, although there is still no announcement of the release time for all patches including the ones for PS4 and Xbox One.

This latest development of the game should make all the fans of "Just Cause 3" enjoy the game to its full potential as the developer has focused more on performance. Avalanche reportedly said that the new update will definitely fix the display placement that has been a common issue for PC players.

According to a report relayed by Tech Times, the patch 1.02 will have a file size of 132.1 MB and will include new Patch Notes.

  •  Significantly improved loading times
  •  Optimizations to online stats
  •  General stability fixes
  •  Fixed an issue related to challenges, wherein vehicles sometimes disappeared when starting a challenge
  •  Fixed issues related to screen resizing and closing the game window before the game has fully started up [PC ONLY]

The developer explained that it is doing all its best to provide a better experience of the game compared to when it was released two weeks ago. Avalanche Studios also added that it will continue to work on the game should new glitches arise after downloading the new patch.

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