Supermodel Bar Refaeli, Mom Arrested for Tax Evasion in Israel

One of the most photographed supermodels of the world, Bar Refaeli, has been arrested on Thursday together with her mother, Tzipora Refaeli, for an alleged tax evasion case.

The 30-year-old beauty failed to pay tax to Israel for the millions she earned from her international career, Yahoo! News reported.

Refaeli, whose net worth is said to be around $20 million, allegedly did not report luxury cars given to her after modeling for the company, along with discounts, which are supposed to be subjected for income tax.

She reportedly did not pay taxes as well for her luxury place in Tel Aviv, where she is currently living. The supermodel denied the accusations and said that she did not commit any crime.

Meanwhile, a lawyer who represents Refaeli explained that there has been a dispute with the Israeli government to determine the supermodel's real status. It has been long disputed between two parties if she is considered as a resident of the country for tax purposes.

There have already been reports about a certain international supermodel accused of tax evasion in Israel, but no names were dropped as to who the model is.

Authorities have done intensive investigation with regard to the matter but did not provide information to the media until the arrest were made.

Nevertheless, the Israeli media have already speculated and given strong hints that the supermodel in question is Rafaeli, The Guardian reported.

The supermodel, who used to date the Hollywood actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, is currently married to Adi Ezra, a known Israeli billionaire. Their high-profile marriage earlier this year was attended by 300 people and received a lot of media attention.

Refaeli and her mother were temporarily detained and questioned by authorities with regard to the accusation but released shortly. The Israeli government, reportedly, does not allow the two to travel outside of the country for six months. Should they need to do so, they will have to ask permission from the government.

The Victoria Secret supermodel spent 12 hours answering questions from investigators last Wednesday. Although she was not really taken into custody, an Israeli court issued an order to bar her from travelling without seeking approval from the authorities and deposit a $65,000 bond, NBC News reported.

Information gathered by Israeli media from the court order stated that Refaeli have named her brother and mother as the owner of her luxury apartments in the country to avoid paying millions of taxes.

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