Parenting Tips: Stress-Free Packing Hacks For Baby Travel During The Holidays

By Eun Guevarra, Parent Herald December 23, 06:00 am

Parents commonly feel the challenge and times overwhilming task when they traveil with a child. Safety concerns are the topmost priority for some mothers while some worry about the child's comfort.

"Babies can be surprisingly good travelers," Shelly Rivoli said, the author of Travel with Baby: The ultimate Guide for planning Trips with babies, toddlers, and pre-school age children, "the major advantage is that they are not very mobile yet." The strategy to having a blast on your vacation with your baby is to focus on getting a checklist done so you will be able to maximize the fun and lessen the travel worries, according to Travels with Baby.

  1. Develop a working daily itinerary. This ensures that there is enough time to eat, rest, get properly dressed and play. But be sure that you do not overschedule so the family keeps the laid back vacation vibe. Alternate mellow and busy days to allow the children to accomplish itinerary but still have fun.
  2. Pack Smart. Packing efficient, effective and multifunctional items are essential. New parents tend to overpack, says J.J Levenstein, M.D., a Los Angeles-based pediatrician. Whether traveling by train, plane or car, allow a diaper per hour of travel time, Parenting reported. Bring a good amount of baby wipes or cleansing cloths for quick head-to-toe clean-ups. If you are traveling by plane, "be prepared to nurse more if you are exclusively breastfeeding in order to keep baby hydrated. If your baby is over 6 months old and bottle-fed, sips of water or formula can accomplish the same thing," she added.
  3. Don't forget the essentials. Keep a baby or child kit packed with essentials. Having the essentials with you during the trip will save you a lot of time and effort. Make sure to have necessary medications and a first-aid kit in case of any emergency.

  4. Avoid overdressing your child. Dress your child in an easy-on, easy off clothing. Keep your baby's clothing simple especially in long trips to avoid irritation and discomfort but make sure that you provide enough warmth.

In many ways, taking a vacation with a child is never easier. The stress of holiday out-of-town vacations with a new baby on board is a part of the thrill, but these packing hacks are tailored to ease new parents in the process.

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